California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-293304

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q) When and where will X-Sections be available for purchase?

A) The X-sections for C#06-293304 are now available at:

Airport Blueprint, Inc
4854 N. Blackstone Ave
Fresno, Ca 93726
(559) 225-9055 
Fax (559) 490-1338

Q)The cross sections from Airport Blueprint show existing grade and finish grade, but they do not show the structural section. Can you please have the cross sections with the structural section release to Airport Blueprint?

A) Structural details are shown on the typical cross section sheets X-1 and X-2 of the contract plans.

Q)The cross sections for this job doesn't show the bottom of structural section. We need to see that on all the cross sections given.
We are doing a take-off on the earthwork and need to see the subgrade, not only the finish grade! Please release to Airport Blueprint.

A) The cross sections have been revised to show the subgrade outline & are now availble at Airport Blueprint.

Q)Stage 1 construction note #5 shown on plan sheet SC-1 tells the contractor to construct Rte 99 SB from station 137+00 to 153+50. Stage 4 construction shown on plan sheet SC-5, note #3 tells the contractor to construct lane #1 from station 155+00 to 166+44.097. Should the work on stage 4 start at station 153+50 and not 155+00?

A) Yes, on stage 4, Rte 99 SB work should start on station 153+50 and not 155+00.

Q) Stage 3 construction shown on sheet SC-4, note 2 tells the contractor to construct lanes #2 and #3 of SB Rte 99. On sheet TH-25 section F-F shows K-rail placed the inside ETW of existing lane #2. On sheet L-1 through L-3 it shows the phase 2 lane and the existing lane #2 in the same location. This staging plan needs clarification. How far is the edge of the new #2 lane for the back of the K-rail?

A) Section F-F on TH-25 should be the same with section J-J shown on TH-32.

Q) Will the State pay for 180 or 150 working days of flagging?

A) 180 working days

Q) When does liquidated damages start, at 180 or 150 working days?

A) 180 working days

Q) It appears that the 4 mainline maintenance pullouts (S.B.) may be shown in the wrong place on the plans. They are away from the pavement and not easily accessable.

A) These pullouts will be accessed from the frontage road and will be provided with 1.8 CL gates.

Q) What is the pattern to be imprinted / stamped into the "stamped concrete" (i.e. running - bond brick, running - bond cobblestone, 12" X 12" slate squares)?

A) Herringbone Used Brick pattern will be imprinted as shown on sheets 80 and 324 of the contract plans.

Q) Is there rebar in addition to the welded fiber fabric? If so, what kind (i.e. #4 @ 18" OCEW)?

A) No, there will no rebars added to the fabric. The fabric will be placed 10 mm from the top surface of the stamped concrete.
A) Refer to sheet 324 for the typical section showing the rebar and fabric sizes and placement. Similar sections shall apply to the gore finish on sheet 80.

Q) How thick are the stamped concrete areas (i.e. 4", 6", 8")?

A) 4"

A) The concrete slab is 75 mm thick with 10 mm deep grooves.

Q) Please supply the following as shown on NOTES on Standard Plan D86B, Dimensions "L", "W", "H", "M", "N",elevation "a", "Angle of flare", and end "Slope" for Drainage Units 31c, 32c, 33a, 33c, and 34a

A) Drainage unit 31-c:
L=6.0 m; H=2.6 m; Elev "a"=77.496; end slope= 1.5:1 (h:v)

Drainage unit 32-c:
L=6.7 m; H=2.5 m; Elev "a"=76.544; end slope= 1.5:1 (h:v)

Drainage unit 33-a:
L=5.4 m; H=2.4 m; Elev "a"=74.062; end slope= 1.5:1 (h:v)

Drainage unit 33-c:
L=5.4 m; H=2.4 m; Elev "a"=74.073; end slope= 1.5:1 (h:v)

Drainage unit 34-a:
L=3.7 m; H=2.0 m; Elev "a"=74.307; end slope= 1.5:1 (h:v)

Dimensions "M", "N", & "Angle of flare" are for alternative warped wingwalls.

Q) What is the wall thickness for the plastic pipeliner?

A) Minimum wall thickness of HDPE pipe liner is 37 mm.

Q) With regards to the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks: How many trains will be using these tracks each day?

A) Current train count is an average of 20 trains per day.
Maximum speed is 60 mph.

Q) Ramp construction tie-ins to Rte-99 are unclear. Typical cross sections show the PCC travelway and shoulders to have fixed dimensions (no var widths). Ramp construction for R-41, R-42, R-43 & R-45 also shows fixed dimensions with the exception to what is shown on the Construction Details sheets. Please show how the two travelways merge along with their shoulders.

A) Please disregard the stationing of ramps R-41, R-42, R-43 and R-45 indicated on sheet X-2. The AC ramps will be constructed beyond the paved gore area.
For ramp tie-ins construction, please refer to Standard Plan P35 and to the cross sections sent to Airport Blueprint..

Q) Typical Cross sections shown on sheets Th-38,Th-39,Th-48, and Th-54 give no dimension between ETW and ES. It is unclear how much working area there will be from back of "K" rail to the edge of the PCC pavement under construction. It appears in some of these details that the "K" rail is resting inside this work area. Please clarify.

A) The "K" rail will be resting outside the work area. Stripings on these stages are temporary only.

Q) Sheet TH-18 shows Avenue 22-1/2 being closed at the medium and west intersection of SR-99 in Stage II construction. Under Stage 1, Phase 2 the plans requires road FR-2 to be constructed over Avenue 22-1/2. It would appear that Avenue 22-1/2 should be closed in Stage 1, Phase 2 of the work, or a traffic detail should be provided for the intersection of Avenue 22-1/2 and FR-2. Please clarify.

A) On Stage 1 (phase 2), Ave 22-1/2 will be closed at Road 19 when the gap on FR-2 (i.e. Sta 57+40 to Sta 58+00) is constructed.

Q) The closure of the east intersection of Avenue 22-1/2 SR-99 has no detail. Please provide.

A) There will be no intersection detail of Ave 22-1/2 and SR-99 since Ave 22-1/2 will be closed at its intersection with Road 19.

Q) Under Stage 3 construction, the Contractor is to construct the SB Rte 99 # 2 & # 3 lanes from sta 119+82.157 to sta 132+00 and from sta 153+50 to 166+44.097. Under Stage 4 the Contractor is to construct the #1 lane and inside shoulder of SB Rte 99 from sta 119+82.157 to 131+85.6 and sta 153+50 to 166+44.097. Sheet TH-38 thru TH-41 and TH-47 thru TH-51 shows no temporary stripping, the plans appear to be using the permit traffic striping for the traffic handling in this stage. If this is correct, the "K" rail in Stage 4 is being placed inside the work area for the construction of the #1 lane. Please clarify.

A)Stripings on these stages are temporary only. The "K" rail will be placed outside the work area.


A)For the outlet structure, please use #13@300 reinforcement both ways for the pad and wall construction.

Q) Is Gawk Screen reguired on top of the Temporary Railing (Type K) ?

A) No

Q) Please refer to revised typical sections sheet 2 of 345. This revised sheet indicates 229 mm reinforced concrete pavement. Please provide the details of the pavement reinforcement. Please include reinforcing bar size, both horizontal and vertical bar spacing and exact locations of reinforced pavement.

A) Please see the attached details.

  • 99PvmtDtls

  • Q) Please refer to page 205 of the special provisions, paragraph 10-1.41 Lean Concrete Base and standard specification section 28 Lean Concrete Base. Can recycled asphalt and/or concrete be used for the aggregates in Lean Concrete Base? If recycled asphalt and/or concrete is allowed for Lean Concrete Base aggregates, what percentage will be allowed?

    A) Reclaimed asphalt concrete material and reclaimed Portland cement concrete material in any amount would be allowed. Other parameters, such as, gradation, sand equivalent, entrained air, compressive strength, etc., would dictate the practical amount.

    Q) We can't seem to find the grade of paving asphalt required for the item 58, 19 mm A.C.

    A) The grade of asphalt binder to be mixed with aggregate for Type A asphalt concrete shall be Grade PG 64-10, 64-16 or 64-10 for tack coat, and shall conform to the provisions in Section 92, "Asphalts" of the Standard Specifications.

    Q) Can you please provide information on the existing pipe size that is to be sliplined with the 1200 MM Plastic Pipe. We need the existing pipe size to come up with a price to slipline as it greatly effects the amount of grouting.

    A) The sizes of the existing culverts are 1371.6 mm (54 inches).


    A) There appears to be a discrepancy. Since the bid opening date is tomorrow, it is unlikely that an addendum will be issued. Please bid per the current contract plans and specifications.