California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-0L2605(06A1590)

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Q1) With reference to the quantity chart on Sheet 3 from PM 51.375 to 51.400 (135') it appears there are duplicated areas for the Cold Plane AC & HMA. In this length it shows to perform dig-outs for the 6' Inside & Outside areas along with the 12' Lane for both Northbound and Southbound Hwy 33. Per the Cold Plane Details on Sheet 3 the 6' Inside & Outside areas are contained within the 12' Lane area.

It appears the intent is to Cold Plane & Overlay the entire roadway in this area from ETW to ETW (36' x 135'= 4,860 SF or 540 SY). The area included in the chart for this location is 900 SY.

Because of the duplicated areas the quantity for Cold Plane AC is overstated by 360 SY and the quantity for HMA is overstated by approximately 83 Tons.

Will a revised bid schedule and quantity chart be issued to correct this?

A1) Submitted for Consideration.

Q2) Note 1 on Sheet 3 of the plans states Crack Treatment is to be applied within the Cold Plane Limits or as directed by the Engineer. The bid quantity represents both lanes for the entire length of the project. Please clarify if we will only be required to perform Crack Treatment within the Cold Plane areas.

A2) Submitted for Consideration.