California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-0J4004

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.


A1) Paragraph 11in Section 37 of the Standard Specification allows the contractor to dispose of the screenings along embankment slopes or other suitable locations if permitted by the Engineer and as long as it is not in an environmental sensitive area, or culverts, stormdrains, ditches or blue lines of the US, the contractor would have to use another method of removing the excess chips and still comply with the spec.

Q2) Plans, Sheet 2, The plans do not show cold planing on the EB side of Hwy 58. On sheet 6, the summary shows 3559 sy of cold planing. How deep is this cold planing. Also, it calls for 2.5 ft grind, for the purpose of saving additional mobilizations can those be turned into 6 ft. grinds?

A2) The plan does not show it on the EB direction because it is a typical cold planing drawing. What will dictate will be the Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement table on Q-1.
Cold plane to a depth of 0.35' per X-1.
No, The contractor will grind the 2.5' as per plans. If the contractor chooses to grind the 6' section then the additional cold plane, HMA and tack will be on his dime. By choosing to do the 6' cold plane does not increase the quantity of work.

Q3) The remove pavement item is for panels to be removed and repaved with HMA. Are the existing panels concrete?

A3) Yes, the existing panels are concrete.