California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-0F8004

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Q1) There appears to be some good analytics on the groundwater included with the project documentation.  However I am not finding any analytics for the soil that will be excavated on this project.  Are there any analytics available for the soil?

A1) In the Risk Evaluation Report which is part of the Information Handout, there is a Summary of Soil Analytical Data (Table A-1) included in Appendix A. 4Oct11.

Q2) The bid states an approximate amount of soil (cubic yards) that will be excavated.  However there is no approximate amount of contaminated water volume to be removed by way of vacuum truck given/listed.  Is there any such number available?

A2) There is no number for the approximate volume of groundwater. It will depend on the groundwater level when the excavation is performed and what the recharge rate is. 4Oct11.

Q3) Is there any information/thoughts available as to how to deal with the water potentially re-filling the excavation site as fast as, or faster than, a vacuum truck can pull it out since part of the excavation lies below the water table?

A3) No. All information available is included in the Groundwater Monitoring for 2010, in the Information Handout. 4Oct11.

Q4) Will Caltrans allow or consider treating the contaminated groundwater on site and discharging it on site rather than transporting for disposal?

A4) No. The Remedial Action Workplan, as approved by Tulare County Environmental Health, calls for the water to be transported by a licensed transporter and disposed of at an appropriate facility. Please bid per the Remedial Action Workplan. 7Oct11.