California Department of Transportation

Contract 05-349504

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Can you provide cross sections for the job?

A1) Cross sections are available from Coastal Reprographics Services, 880 Unit B Via Esteban, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401, telephone and fax (805)543-5247. 6Apr10

Q2) Can you provide cross sections for the job?

A2) Cross sections are available from Coastal Reprographics Services, 880 Unit B Via Esteban, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401, telephone and fax (805)543-5247. 6Apr10

Q3) Is cross sections available for this project?

A3) See A1 and A2. 8Apr10

Q4) Page 12 of Special Provisions, states there is a mandatory pre-bid meeting. On Sac Bldr Exchange it says the pre-bid meeting is on April 6, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. But neither gives the location. Can you tell me where this information can be found or direct me to the person I should be asking?

A4) The location and date of the mandatory pre-bid meeting is mentioned in the Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions, in the "Notice to Bidders" (page 1),"A mandatory prebid meeting is scheduled for this project at 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM, on April 6, 2010, at Elks Lodge, 614 Airport Blvd, Salinas, CA 93905." 2Apr10

Q5) In response to the bidder's inquiries, you have noted that cross sections are available from Coastal Reprographics Services (CRS). CRS has said they do not have any cross sections for grading, only the typical cross sections (X-1 to X-7). Are cross sections for grading available?

A5) Yes, cross sections are available for grading. 13Apr10

Q6) Please provide a list of the prime contractors that attended the mandatory pre-bid meeting on April 6, 2010.

A6) The Contractors' Sign In Sheet lists the following Prime Contractors: American Paving Co., Emmett's Excavation, Granite Construction, RGW Construction, Inc., Agee Construction, GraniteRock, MCM Construction Inc., Pavex Construction, DeSilva Gates Construction, TopGrade Construction, Disney Construction, The Don Chapin Co., and Gordon N Ball Inc. 12Apr10

Q7)As per your answers to Bidders Inquiry No. Q1 thru Q3, I have tried to get the cross sections from "Bill" at Coastal Repro in SLO. He states he has no cross sections for this job.So, are cross sections available for this job?

A7) Please refer to A5 above. 13Apr10

Q8)CalTrans Specification Section 19 notes excavation for a culvert structure is a separate bid item. On the list of bid items for this project there is a structure backfill item for the culvert but not a structure excavation item. Where is is the structure excavation for the culvert to be paid?

A8) Reference Addendum No. 2 dated April 27, 2010. 30Apr10

Q9)Sheet SC-2, detail A-1 (sta 17+70.88 to sta 15+85.00) shows pavement to be installed from station 15+00 to 16+01. What is the structural section?

A9) Reference Addendum No. 2 dated April 27, 2010. 30Apr10

Q10)Sheet C-7 (28/264) cross section detail A-A shows pavement along the WW1 line to be 0.40' HMA (Type A), 0.50'LCB, 1.00' CL1 AS. The notation on the plan view calls out the pavement to have a section of 0.40' LCB, (and the same HMA, CL1). Which is the correct section?

A10) The correct section is that with an LCB thickness of 0.40'. 20Apr10

Q11)Do you have PDF drawings of the existing bridge as-builts? If not how would I be able to get a set?

A11) See the last row in the table in Section 5-1.11 "Supplemental Project Information" (page 22) of the Special Provisions which states:

Available as specified in the Standard Specifications Bridge as-built drawings

Also see sub-section 2-1.03B, "Supplemental Project Information" (page 12 of 275) of the "Amendments to the Standard Specifications" located in the 2nd half of the Special Provisions which states: "If bridge as-built drawings are available: 1. For a project in District 1 through 6 or 10, you may request them from the Office of Structure Maintenance and Investigations, fax (916) 227-8357 2. For a project in District 7, 8, 9, 11, or 12, you may request them from the Office of Structure Maintenance and Investigations, fax (916) 227-8357, and are available at the Office of Structure Maintenance and Investigations, Los Angeles, CA, telephone (213) 897-0877 As-built drawings may not show existing dimensions and conditions. Where new construction dimensions are dependent on existing bridge dimensions, verify the field dimensions and adjust dimensions of the work to fit existing conditions." 20Apr10

Q12)Can caltrans provide a picture of the textured concrete sample available for review in San Luis Obispo or provide the color manufacturer and color code?

A12) Samples of the colors specified for textured paving are available for review by prospective bidders at the office of the Department of Transportation 1150 Laurel Lane, Suite 175, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, telephone (805) 549-3116. 23Apr10

Q13)Can integral colored concrete be substituded for job applied color hardener?

A13) No. 20Apr10

Q14)Due to the delay in receiving cross sections (available afternoon, 4/14) for the excavation, the incomplete cross section information and related outstanding Bidder's Inquiries, we request the bid opening to be postponed two weeks beyond the current bid opening date of May 4, 2010. The additional time is needed to provide a complete and accurate estimate.

A14) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents.20Apr10

Q15)On sheet SC-1, Stage 1 work item #12 references sheet C-20 for details on the area of work. There is no sheet C-20 included in the plan set. Please provide sheet C-20 for review.

A15) Should be plan sheet C-19. 21Apr10

Q16)The cross sections for the B-1 line show two existing elevation lines at the drainage canal. Please clarify which line is the correct existing elevation line.

A16) The existing channel is being shifted to the right as can be seen on the typical cross sections. The proposed channel should have been shown as a solid line. Please reference station 25+49 for an example of the correct line type. 21Apr10

Q17)The cross sections for the B-1 line show the FG line at the canal going off the page. Are there cross sections for the CH-1 line that show the extent of grading at the canal?

A17) Cross sections are not available as existing and proposed match up just off the page. 21Apr10

Q18)On plan sheet 95 there is a note pointing to a gas line that crosses the proposed box culvert that reads "LP gas by others prior to construction". On plan sheet 97 there is a note pointing to the same gas line that reads "LP gas by others during stage 1".Will the new gas line be in conflict with the box culvert excavation or will it be installed after completion of the first stage of RCB culvert construction as described on plan sheet 83, note 8?

A18) The notes are correct, the gas line will be relocated from approximately Sta. 25+45 "A-1" to tie in at Moffett St. prior to construction. The line will be capped at Sta. 25+45 "A-1". The portion of the gas line from the tie in at De La Torre Ave. to approximately Sta. 25+45 "A-1" will be relocated during stage 1 construction. Therefore, the proposed box culvert in this area will be constructed first then the gas line crossing will be installed. The new gas line will not be in conflict with the construction of the box culvert. 21Apr10

Q19)Please provide the elevation for the sanitary sewer force main shown on plan sheet 97 that crosses the proposed box culvert at approximately station 31+90 "CH-1" and is described on plan sheet 83 note 10?Can this line be moved between stations "CH-1" 31+81.13 and 30+37.13 and be installed in the same staging as descibed on sheet 83 note 8 in order to avoid having to temporarily support the new sanitary sewer force main during the box culvert construction?

A19) Cannot provide the elevation of the sanitary sewer force main that crosses the proposed box culvert. The sanitary sewer force main relocation work is currently underway. It was planned to be above the proposed box culvert. It could not be installed in the same staging as described on sheet 83 note 8. The existing sewer line adjacent to the channel or alignment "CH-1", had to be relocated prior to constructing the wingwall at Sta. 30+37 "CH-1". 21Apr10

Q20)Section 10-1.35 or 10-1.36 of the special provisions requires a settlement period for abutments 1 and 3 per Standard Plan A62B and Standard Specification 19-6.025. The “Bridge Embankment Surcharge” detail of Standard Plan A62B is intended for abutment foundations placed in embankment. The abutments footings proposed for this project will be placed at least 6’ below existing grade. The footing for abutment 1 will also have 4’ of aggregate base placed below the footing. Due to the proximity of the settlement fills to the existing highway, the proposed settlement fills will require some sort of temporary shoring in order to not have the fill encroach on the existing highway. Since the bottom of footings for both abutment 1 and abutment 3 will not be supported by embankment is appears that the “Bridge Embankment Surcharge” detail of Standard Plan A62B does not apply to this application. Please advise.

A20) A 10-day settlement period at Abutments 1 and 3 is specified in the Special Provisions. Standard Plan A62B including the "Bridge Embankment Surcharge" detail defines the limits of payment for bridge embankment surcharge. Location of the abutment foundation can vary. Standard Plan A62B sheet does apply as shown on plan sheet 235_of 264. Refer to the last paragraph in Section 10-1.01, "Order of Work," of the Special Provisions that states: "When embankment settlement periods or surcharge embankment settlement periods are specified, the settlement periods and the deferment of portions of the work shall comply with the provisions in Section 19-6.025, "Settlement Period," of the Standard Specifications and in "Earthwork" of these special provisions." 26Apr10

Q21)On sheet C-17, section A-A for line "WW-1" shows the PCC walkway to be in a fill area. Are plans available with sufficient grading information to takeoff earthwork quantities for this area?

A21) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 22Apr10

Q22)The cross sections provided for the "B-1" line do not include stations 10+76.95 - 15+00. Please provide the cross sections for these stations.

A22) This station range is covered on the C-4 construction detail. 21Apr10

Q23)With regards to your response to Question 22. In order to perform an earthwork quantity take-off of the B-1 line from station 10+76.95-15+00 we require either the cross sections for these stations or the original ground contours for construction detail Sheet C4. Please provide the cross sections or original ground contours for sheet C4.

A23) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 22Apr10

Q24)On Item# 117 Roadside Signs 1-post. On the plans qaunitity pages there is multiple 2-post signs being marked as 1-post.There should be a seperate item for 2-post signs. If the 2-post signs are being paid as 1-post then the qaunitites need to be corrected.

A24) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 27Apr10

Q25)Item #118 There is no specs in the specials for Laminated Wood Box Beams. Are the Box Beams State Furnished? If not what size Type L or Type M? This information is not in the plans or specs.

A25) Yes, there is one Laminated sign post(Type L) which is furnished by the Contractor. 27Apr10

Q26)This project is currently scheduled to bid on the same day as four other large contracts in surrounding areas. Several bidders may not be able to submit a competitive bid if the bid date remains May 4, 2010. Please postpone the bid opening date at least 1-2 weeks.

A26) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 22Apr10

Q27)On page 77/264 the elevation view shows 4'-0'' min. to bottom of Wing Wall (WW) footing. However, the footing is not shown on section B-B on the same page. Is the WW footing suppose to extend down the 4'-0'' from the culvert invert and if so what is the design H used for the WW?

A27) The footing is supposed to extend 4'-0" below the culvert invert. The footing was not shown on section B-B for clarity. Details of the footing and wingwall can be found on Standard Plan D84, Box Culvert Wingwalls Types A, B and C. See sheet 65/264 for wingwall design H. 23Apr10

Q28)Sheet C12 shows the location of temporary pump & pipe. Heading no. 10-1.14 (pump & flexible pipe)requires contractor to provide pump & pipe capable of sustaining the intended load and quantity of water for discharge. Please provide the existing flow volumes. None is shown on the plans.

A28) Reference Construction Detail C-12, Section "A-A" for flow. 23Apr10

Q29)We have been asked to bid the Kristar TreePod as alternate to the named manufacturer for the Bioretention System. Information on this alternate system can be found at the web link below or by contacting Michael Kimberlain at or (619) 886-7178. Considering the contract specifications Section 6-1.05 requires 30 days review after contract award but the special provisions Section 10-1.79 allows for only 15 days for the systems to be certified as under contract with the manufacturer we request that the Kristar TreePod be pre-approved as an alterante.

A29) Bid in accordance with current contract documents. 26Apr10

Q30)The bearing pad sapcing shown on Plan Sheet 238 for Abutment 3 at the Aiport Blvd OC appears incorrect. The drawing shows about 2.5 ft between each bearing pad. Please confirm this is correct.

A30) Reference Addendum No. 2 dated April 27, 2010. 30Apr10

Q31)Plan Sheets 118, 119, and 121 contain a note the reads: PRELIMINARY SUBJECT TO REVISION Does Caltrans anticipate changes to the work shown on these plan sheets or any others in the Contract? Please confirm bidders were given a 100 % complete set of contract documents by Caltrans to price this project.

A31) The PRELIMINARY SUBJECT TO REVISION label was left on by mistake and should have been removed. 27Apr10

Q32)The Traffic Handling plans do not show temporary k-rail installed in the center median of RT 101 to protect the work required for the Airport Blvd OC construction and median guardrail replacement. The porposed work will take place a few feet from the traveled way of RT 101.Please revise the Traffic Handling Plans to include temporary K-Rail at this location.

A32) Per Section 7-1.09, "Public Safety," of the Standard Specificaions permanent obstacles must be protected temporarily with k-rail. In addition whenever adjacent work areas are within 6 feet of the edge of traveled way, the adjacent lane must be closed during the allowed times in the lane closure charts. 26Apr10

Q33)Could a traffic detour plan be provided showing the detour plan to reroute traffic during erection of the main bridge false work?


Q34)Could the F/W opening be shown on Rte 101 in order to determine shoring needs and available access on Bent 1, 2 & 3?

A34) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 30Apr10

Q35)Could a plan for K-rail placement be provided on Rte 101 during excavation, drilling etc. on the bridge abutments / bent?

A35) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 30Apr10

Q36)Have any grading factors been applied to the roadway excavation quantities listed in the summary of quantities on sheet Q-2

A36) No. 30Apr10

Q37)Please provide the post type and height for the overhead sign structure detailed on sheet 149 of the contract plans.

A37) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents.30Apr10

Q38)How many stations is the new Irrigation Controller supposed to be (sheet 159)? The specifications nor the plans state this information.

A38) No additional information will be provided. If changes are necessary, they will be handled by proposed Contract Change Order. 30Apr10

Q39)Plant list and planting specifications call for "rooted cuttings" 0f Carpobrotus Edulus. Section 20 of standard specifications on page 181 states "Carpoibrotus cuttings shall be 10 inches or more in length and shall not be rooted." Which is correct?

A39) In accordance with the Standard Specifications the contract plans govern over the Standard Specifications. 30Apr10

Q40)Where is the specifications for the jute mesh? There is an item #69 and a detail showing installation, but no spec section describing the materials to be used.

A40) Reference Special Provision, section 10-2.04, Highway Planting. 30Apr10

Q41)Can the metal posts be hot dipped galvanized? Which is a grey color. I question the durability of painted steel posts, where as hot dipped galvanized is a durable long lasting application.

A41) Bid in accordance with the current contract documents. 30Apr10

Q42)On page 102/264 of the plans it is stated in note 9 - that all work on the existing bridge has to be complete prior to beginning the widening. How can methacrylate, demo of the existing sidewalk and top of existing retaining walls be performed before widening the bridge? Also, does that mean that retaining wall structures, foundation work, abutment walls, columns and the independent part of the bridge can not commence until all work on the existing structure is complete?

A42) The intent is to complete the work shown on sheet 104/264 in the contract plans. 30Apr10

Q43)On page 51/275 in the special provisions it states that: ........the adjacent lane must be closed under any of the following conditions: 1. Work is off the traveled way but within 6 feet of the edge of traveled way, and approach speed is greater than 45 miles per hour.
For Bent 2 and maybe abutment 1 - does that mean that excavation, drilling, pouring of the piles, placement of rebar, pouring of concrete and backfill operation all has to be performed as nightwork under lane closure?

A43) Reference response to bidder inquiry #32. 30Apr10

Q44)On L-3, L-4, and L-5 notes that vinyl clad fence will be installed. Does the vinyl clad refer to the chain link wire only or do the posts need to be vinyl clad as well? Or does the rest of the material need to be a galvanized finish?

A44) Per the Special Provisions and the project plans vinyl-clad fencing is called out, therefore all posts, rails, fittings, fabric and hardware need to be vinyl coated galvanized steel. 3May10

Q45)There are no specs for the T-posts that are to be driven in ground for barbed wire fence. Please advise.

A45) Reference Section 80, "Fences," in the 2006 Standard Specifications. 4May10