California Department of Transportation

Contract 05-0T5604

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Who do we contact to view the borehole core samples?

A1) Contact Sam Nimri at District office at 805-549-3116. 9Sep10.

Q2) How can we get a copy of the cross-sections?

A2) Cross-sections will be available at CRS, 805-543-5247. 9Sep10.

Q3) Would the contractor be allowed to drill a larger or two smaller holes to facilitate installation of the piles at the spacings shown on the plans? The longitudinal length with two smaller holes would exceed 42". The pay quantity would still be the theoretical length of the designed 42" hole.

A3) No further information can be provided during the bid inquiry process. The Contractor may propose changes to the contract bid documents through the CRIP process. Reference Section 5-1.14, "Cost Reduction Incentive," (page 26 of 282) of the Amendments to the Standard Specifications. 14Sep10.

Q4) Is the contractor expected to have the Surety attorney available at the bid date to execute the payment and performance bonds on the day of the bid? Or can these be sent in the next day?

A4) The Department will attempt to execute and approve the contract on the bid opening date. Accordingly, the bidder should alert its surety that it may need to provide the payment and performance bonds on the bid opening date. 9Sep10.


A5) Plans are now available on the website. 9Sep10.

Q6)How is the excavation, stockpiling, and refil as required to install the lagging to be paid for, is it a calculated plan quantity for roadway excavation or final pay quantity for structural excavation?

A6) For Structure excavation (Soldier pile wall) and Structure backfill (Soldier pile wall), please refer project plans sheet 58 of 86 ("Limits of payment for excavation and backfill") and sub-section "Soldier pile wall earthwork" on special provisions pages 78 and 79. There is no roadway excavation involved in lagging installation. Please refer Section 57, "Timber Structures," of Standard Specifications for payment for timber lagging, and A62B of 2006 Standard Plans. 14Sep10.

Any Materials in front of the wall that may be required to be excavated or filled in order to construct the wall and is outside the designated pay limit will not be included in measurement of those items as they are solely controlled by the contractors methods. Refer to "Structure Excavation Measurement" shown on page 58, Details No.3, pages 78-79 of Special Provisions, 10-1.24 "Structure Excavation (Soldier Pile Wall), Standard Specifications 19-3.07 " Measurement." The cost for that work shall be included in items necessary to construct the wall. Any excavation below FG, backfill up to the FG necessary to construct the wall, is included in the payment for the item of Structure Excavation or other items an do additional payment will be made. Behind the wall any areas that require backfill up to the sub grade limits is also part of Structure Backfill (Soldier Pile Wall) and included in the Structure Excavation item and other items and no additional payment will be made. In front of the wall, if there exists soil above the FG then that excavation quantity, between Original Grade (OG), FG and Structure Excavation limits at the wall, is included in the Roadway Excavation item per Standard Plan A62B.

Equipment and Material Stockpile Locations are as listed below:

Location-1 -- PM 26.1/26.2
Location-2 -- PM 25.2/25.3
Location-3 -- PM 25.0/25.1
Location-4 -- PM 23.5/23.6
Location-5 -- PM 23.3/23.5
Location-6 -- PM 23.1
Location-7 -- PM 22.0/22.1


Q7)Under Section 4 " Beginning of work, Time of completion, and liquidated damages" - No liquidated damages amount is listed. What are the Liquidated Damages for this Contract?

A7) Liquidated Damages are found in the Special Provisions Section 8-1.07 LIQUIDATED DAMAGES on page75 of 282 of the Amendments to the Standard Specifications. 10Sep10.

Q8)According to our take off from the cross-sections, the embankment quantity is less than the excavation quantity on the jobsite. However the quantity in the plans on sheet Q-1 shows that the earthwork is balanced. Is there somewhere for the excess to go?

A8) See Sheet X-2 for additional embankment location. 15Sep10.