California Department of Transportation

Contract 05-0S3804

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Q1) Is it the intent of Caltrans to protect the existing 4" White Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe at ETW along the edge of the Cold Plane and HMA Paving 0.25' sections? This may not be possible in some cases where the 4" White Stripe moves over into the Cold Plane/ HMA Paving section. Also, the areas where the the 4" White Stripe is adjacent to the HMA Paving sections it will be damaged just in the HMA Paving process. Caltrans should consider to re-stripe this line in all the Cold Plane/ HMA Paving sections.

A1) Yes, the intent is to leave the ETW traffic stripe in place in accordance with Section 7-1.11, "Preservation of Property," of the Standard Specifications, except at those locations where cold planing operations will remove the stripe. 29Mar11.