California Department of Transportation

Contract 05-0F7104

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Sheet C-2 has different quantities for precast concrete when compared to sheet Q-2 under "Precast Amenities". Please clarify the precast concrete items needed. The Item differentials are stated below:

PC Trash Container Sheet C-2 quantity shows 13 and Sheet Q-2 quantity shows 9
PC Recycle Container Sheet C-2 quantity shows 6 and Sheet Q-2 quantity shows 5
PC Trash Container (ash tray) Sheet C-2 quantity shows 2 and Sheet Q-2 quantity shows 4
PC Bench Sheet C-2 quantity shows 2 and Sheet Q-2 quantity shows 3
PC Bench with back Sheet C-2 quantity shows 3 and Sheet Q-2 quantity shows 2

A1) Please refer to addendum no. 1 dated June 12, 2009.

Q2) Please clarify the location of traffic control system.

A2) Please follow Standard Specifications, Section 7 Public Safety, and Section 12 Traffic Control Devices.

Q3) Where will the temporary crash cushion module be located at on the plans?

A3) There are no Temporary Crash Cushions on this project.

Q4) Should the waste water system and the fire protection tank have their own items or should they be listed under building work?

A4) The Wastewater System (except Plant (Group WP) work and the Wastewater Sign) and the Fire Protection System are both part of "Building Work" Lump Sum.

Q5) What material is used for the cabinet and the countertop inside the crew building?

A5) Please refer to Section 12-6.02,"CABINETS", which starts on page 205 of Special Provisions for this information.

Q6) Does this project require the "Buy America" Act (Federal Highway) and NOT the "Buy American" Act? If so, does this require certification that ALL steel and iron products are manufactured in the United States, including all steel and iron parts of all installed equipment (HVAC, Hand Dryers, Electrical, Plumbing, carriers, etc), structural steel, reinforcing steel, welding rod, tree grates & frames, skylights, bolts, nuts, screws & nails? Would this include light switches, pumps, cabinets, lockers, doors, frames, hardware, etc. which have steel parts?

A6) Yes, all steel and iron materials to be incorporated into the work shall comply with Section 6-1.085 BUY AMERICA (23 CFR 635.410) listed under the Amendments to the Standard Specifications in the contract special provisions.

Q7) Will the Congressional Federal oversight (Federal Stimulus Money) require a duplicate set of books/paperwork, i.e. certified payroll?

A7) Refer to Sections 3-1.02, 3-1.03, 5-1.02, and 5-1.03 of the Special Provisions for specific requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Q8) Due to the high amount of theft in the greater Paso Robles area on project sites, will Caltrans supply any type of security?

A8) Caltrans will not supply security.

Q9) Are all known underground utilities shown on the project plans?

A9) Yes, underground utilities that are known are shown.

Q10) Are all known underground obstructions shown on the plans?

A10) There are no underground obstructions that are known. There may be underground obstructions that are unknown.

Q11) To what extent/depth are we required to remove materials during clearing & grubbing? Does this include tree roots to 12" - 18"?

A11) Refer to Section 16, Clearing and Grubbing of the Standard Specifications and Section 10-1.24 of the Special Provisions regarding complete removal of materials. Refer to Section 20-4.025, Roadside Clearing of the Standard Specifications and Section 10-2.04 of the Special Provisions regarding removal of tree roots below ground.

Q12) Item #35 tells us to use 200 tons of Seal Coat on 112,l7l SF of parking area. This is about 10 times the amount needed. Shall we bid 200 tons or 20 tons of Seal Coat?

A12) Please refer to addendum no. 1 dated June 12, 2009.

Q13) Is Builders Risk required on this project?

A13) "Builders Risk" is not required. Insurance requirements are specified in Section 7-1.12 of the Standard Specifications.


A14) Door number 5 in the Crew Building shall be swing hollow core wood.

Q15) The tile specified (Porcelain DAIL Tile CS50 & CS52) does not manufacture 1/4 round. Sheet A9-141 calls for 1/4 round. Is there another type and color of tile that may be used that has 1/4 round to match?

A15) Refer to bottom of Color Schedule on sheet A8-001 "Manufacturer's designations are listed to indicate color and finish only and are not intended to show preference to any particular brand".

Q16) Sheet A9-141 calls for a mortar bed. May we use the skim coat method, which will be more cost effective? This has been utilized on similar Cal Trans projects.

A16) Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q17) Please confirm the "American Reinvestment and Recovery Act" sign listed in Section 10-1.18 is in addition to the "Construction Project Information" sign listed in Section 10-1.00.

A17) The bidder is directed to Section 10-1.00, "Construction Project Information" Signs on page 31 of the Special Provisions which states: "the Contractor shall furnish and erect 1 Type 1 Construction Project Information sign" and to plan sheet RSP T7 which shows the 60 inch by 90 inch Type 1 sign and details. Additionally, the Bidder is directed to Section 10-1.18 Construction Area Signs on page 69 of the Special Provisions which states: "The Contractor shall furnish and install one 84 inch by 78 inch American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) sign" and to the website listed in the special provisions which shows the recovery act sign details..

Q18) The 29 Ga. Corrugated roof and wall panels that have been called out are exposed fastener panels. Under Part 3 of the specification, it states that "fasteners shall not be driven through roof panels or batten covers". Drawings show no fastener recommendations and there is no concealed clip available for this type paneling. What is your preferred method of attachment?

A18) The corrugated metal roofing panels shall be fastened with exposed fasteners with neoprene washers as recommended by roofing panel manufacturer. The fasteners shall comply with roof uplift requirements.

Q19) Glazing Specification 12-8.05 Defines all glazing products to be used on the project but there is not schedule or note that specifies exactly what glass is used in the storefronts/windows. I.E: Float Glass, Obscured Glass. Please define which specified glass product is to be used in storefront/window.

A19) All glazing shall be clear float glass except for bullet resistant glazing.

Q20) Glazing Specification 12-8.05 Defines Bullet Resistant Glass to be UL Rated for medium power small arms. Please define UL Level 1 through 8.

A20) Bullet resistant glazing shall clear UL Level 3.

Q21) Special_Provisions_Specific: "Complete and sign the Small Business (SB) Participation Report form included in the contract documents even if no small business participation is reported."
This form was not included in the bid documents. Does this not apply to this project?

A21) The submittal of the Small Business Utilization Report (Form EEO-0014) is required in accordance with Section 10-1.15 Small Business Utilization Report of the Special Provisions.

Q22) The wall tile trim is specified to match the wall tile (Continental Slate Series) which would be a 3"x3" or 3"x12" bull nose (quarter round is not available in this tile series). The specification for install of wall tile over CMU wall calls for method W211 in the "Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation" which is a 3/8"-3/4" mortar bed over CMU wall; therefore, there would be a minimum 3/8"-3/4" grout joint showing at all trim areas. is the bull nose trim and grout joint acceptable as specified to match wall tile? Or is there an alternate trim or installation method that can be specified?

A22) Bid according to plans and specifications.

Q23) In reviewing the individual line items for the forthcoming project I find nothing in which to list charges for the following:

1. Upgrades to the domestic water system (pressure tank, backflow preventer, new site piping etc.)
2. No line item for any of the new waste water system what so ever (septic tank, recirculation tank sand filter, wetland basins or leach field)
3. Nothing covering the 12,000 gal. underground water tank (fire protection)
4. No line item for site demolition of existing or is that to be included in item# 20, Clearing & Grubbing?

Clarification on how to bill these items is critical and your decision will be greatly appreciated.

A23) All work described in Section 12 of the Special Provisions should be included in Item No.52 "Building Work" Lump Sum. Site demolition is described in Section 10-1.24 "Clearing and Grubbing" and in Section 12-2.07 "Demolition".

Q24) No sizes were specified for the walls & floors. Here is a list of available sizes the material comes in (a) 3x3 mosaic sheet, (b)6x6, (c) 12x12, (d) 12x18, (e) 18x18. Please choose a size for the floors and walls.

A24) Tile sizes are shown on page 252 of the special provisions.

Q25) The Finish Schedule calls out for Indian Red Cove Base everywhere, but on the Finish Legend, there is a reference to Cove base in Indian Red and Egyptian Beige. Will there be two different cove bases or just the one color?

A25) Cove base is Indian Red.

Q26) Which color wall tile will be on the benches in the family room restrooms?

A26) Benches are Brazilian Green.