California Department of Transportation

Contract 10-444204

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Will the General Contractor be responsible for the cost of survey work on this project?

A1) Except for controls set by the Engineer, the Contractor is responsible for all costs for survey work, in accordance with Section 12-1.15, "Measurement and Payment, of the Special Provisions, which states "Full compensation for any incidental materials and labor, not shown on the plans or specified, which are necessary to complete the buildings and appurtenances shall be considered as included in the contract lump sum price paid for building work and no additional compensation will be allowed therefore."

See Special Provisions, Ammendments to July 1999 Standard Specifications 5-1.07

Q2) Is the Owner going to treat each location (Peddler Hill and Caples Lake) as separate insurance interests or will the whole project be considered as one for insurance purposes? Reference: Special Provisions page 13

A2) The entire project is considered as one for insurance purposes.


Q3) I would like to request for a job walk on the following project # 10-444204. This will allow us to give an accurate bid proposal for this project and to verify any existing situations that we are not aware of.

A3) No 'job walk' has been scheduled for this project. Access to the job sites can be arranged through the District Duty Senior for this project; the Duty Senior can be contacted at (209) 948-7849.

Q4) On the CALTRANS BIDDER - DVBE - INFORMATION form (page 12 of the Bid Proposal Documents), I was wondering what I need to put on the 1st line? (DISTRICT-CO.-RTE.K.P.: ______)

A4) Please refer to the cover of the Special Provisions, which identifies the location(s) of the project just below the contract number: 10-Ama,Alp-88-86.9, 3.6.

Q5) On the CALTRANS BIDDER - SMALL BUSINESS SUBCONTRACTOR - INFORMATION form (page 15 of the Bid Proposal Documents), i HAVE THE same question in regards to line 1: DISTRICT-CO.-RTE.-K.P.: _______ And does this particular form need to be filled in and submitted with Bid Proposal?

A5) For location information, refer to the answer for Question 4. Regarding submittal of the bid proposal, refer to Section 2-1.02B, "Submission of DVBE Information," of the Special Provisions. If the bidder doesn't submit the information with the bid, the apparent 3 low bidders shall submit the DVBE information so that it is received by the 4th business day after bid opening.

Q6) Roofing details appear to show metal roofing o/ felt underlayment o/ metal decking. Should the roof be sheeted with a rigid underlayment like plywood or a densdeck? Reference: Plan sheet A3-19; Special Provisions 12.7.08

A6) No. Please bid in accordance with the contract documents.

Q7) Page M5-6, Detail 1, shows an inlet pipe of 150 mm and an overflow pipe of 50 mm. Typically the overflow must be two pipe sizes larger than the inlet. Please clarify. Reference: Plan sheet number 175

A7) Please bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q8) Please provide a manufacturer or company as a basis of design for this item. Reference: Special Provisions 12-11.04; Plan sheet 241

A8) No additional information will be provided. Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q9) Are the buildings on both sites open and readly accesable subcontractors to get interior measurements for the asbestos abatement portion of the bid? Please refer to Addendum No. 1, dated January 11, 2008, regarding site access.

A9) Please refer to Addendum No. 1, dated January 11, 2008, regarding site access.

Q10) Please supply a manufacture name for the required equipment. All vendors contacted can not supply equipment that meets the letter of the spec.. Reference: Special Provisions 12.11.04, page 327

A10) No additional information will be provided. Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q11) There is a comment on the sheet that reads: "Bridge crane support columns typical, total of 8." The plan shows 6 of these locations. It's important to know where the columns are to be because the spans between them will determine the size of the runway beams that will support the load. Reference: Plan sheet A1-03.

A11) Sheet A1-03 indicates 8 columns, Sheet ST1-1A indicates and dimensions the 8 columns, Sheet M1-2 indicates bridge crane location and references detail 1/M1-10 for bridge crane detail. Refer also to "System Description, Design Requirements," in Section 12-14.02, "Freestanding Bridge Crane and Hoist," of the Special Provisions, which states "The approximate length of span between the crane runways shall be as shown on the plans. Final span length shall be determined by the manufacturer."

Q12) We are a Certified Small Business and are submitting our bid as such. Do we have to fill out and submit the CALTRANS BIDDER - SMALL BUSINESS SUBCONTRACTOR - INFORMATION form? Or is that a requirement specifically reserved for Non-Small Business entities to complete and submit with their Bid Proposal?

A12) Refer to Section 2-1.03A, Small Business Preference," of the Special Provisions, which states, "to request Small Business Preference, bidders shall fill out and sign the "Request for Small Business Preference and Non-Small Business Subcontractor Preference" form in the Proposal and shall attach a copy of their Office of Small Business and DVBE Services Small Business Certification letter to the form."

Q13) Heat Exhanger- het exchanger cannot be sized properly with conditions shown on schedule. flow (L/min) is required for both fluids. temperatures in and out is required for both sides.
allowable fluid pressure drops are required for both sides.
Is propolene glycol required for freeze protection. sidewalks and drive area are located in freezing conditions ??? ASME code required.
Reference: Plan sheet M1-8; Special Provisions 12-15.08, page 374.

A13) Refer to Addendum No. 2, dated February 22, 2008.

Q14) Pump P-1 is shown prior to boiler, air seperator and expansion tank. Expansion tank will not operate properly as shown on boiler schematic. It is also reccomended that the air seperator be located at the lowest pressure and highest temperature. No pressure reducing fill valve is shown for boiler water makeup. Will this be a manual fill system or automatic fill system. Reference: see Q13

A14) Refer to Addendum No. 2, dated February 22, 2008.

Q15) If propolene glycol fluid is used for freeze protection, a automatic glycol feed system is available or will you require a manual fill system. Reference: see Q13

A15) Refer to Addendum No. 2, dated February 22, 2008.

Q16) Boiler type (steel tube, copper tube, Cast Iron) is not mentioned in written specificaton. Please advise if any type boiler is acceptable. 265 liter volume mentioned in boiler schedule. Boilers available with lower volumes available with less standby heat loss. Reference: Plan sheet M1-8; Special Provisions 12-15.08, page 377.

A16) No additional information will be provided. Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q17) Who is the manufacturer and what is the model number of the RPU? The spec looks like it may be a conglomeration of various different manufacturers equipment. See Q8.

A17) No additional information will be provided. Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q18) Warranties on the metal roofing and siding. None are specified, will the owner require a watertight warranty from the contractor and manufacturer? If so how long?

Note: A twenty year wartertight warranty is not expensive and will provide the owner with long term protection. Highly recommended.

A18) Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q19) The metal roofing and panel seam is not clearly defined. The metal panel system should be a mechanically seamed panel to provide a proper watertight seal with the snow load of these locations. Is this the panel type you will require? If not please specify as there are many panel manufacturers in the market place.

A19) Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q20) 24 gauge metal panels are specified. Would you like to use 22 gauge? This is highly recommended due to snow load, wind uplift, and overall strength.

A20) Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q21) In reference to the Fire Pump Room shown on sheet EE 1-0.6, the plans call out for exposed rigid steel conduits to be used. It is my understanding that this is against code. Please clarify.

A21) Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q22) This is a re-bid, was there a mandatory pre-bid conference?

A22) No prebid meeting was scheduled for this project.

Q23) When is work expected to begin on this job?

A23) Refer to Section 4, "Beginning of Work, Time of Completion, and Liquidated Damages," of the Special Provisions, which states "The first working day is the fifteenth day after contract approval." This is the date that prosecution of the contract begins. It is anticipated that contract approval will take place by May 2008. The actual date the Contractor begins work at the site(s) will be contingent upon meeting all requirements of the Special Provisions.

Q24) Is there an approxiamate sq footage of demolition work?

A24) Demolition work is shown throughout the plans to install new materials. On plan sheet A3-00A "General Plan," page 63 of 245, removal of an entire building is shown. No total square footage of demolition work is provided. Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q25) Bid questions 13 thru 24 have been submitted for some time and have been unanswered. Will the 3-4-08 bid dated be extended?

A25) There is no plan to extend the bid date. Bids for this project are scheduled to open on March 4, 2008.

Q26) Section 12-1 General Requirements of the special provisions does not contain the requirements for Field Engineering. What are the requirements for Field Engineering?

A26) Refer to Section 5-1.07, "Lines and Grades," of the "Amendments to July 1999 Standard Specifications" in the Special Provisions.


A27) Submitted to PE/PM for consideration.