California Department of Transportation

Contract 10-3A66U4

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Referencing Page 150 of the Special Provisions, “Structural concrete elements shown on the plans that have a minimum dimension exceeding 2.1 m, except for cast-in place concrete piling, shall be constructed as mass concrete and shall conform to the details shown on the plans and these special provisions.” Is this 2.1 m dimension the minimum horizontal width, or does it include the height also?

A1) Yes. It includes all dimensions. If the least of these is greater than 2.1 m, then it shall be constructed as mass concrete.

Q2) The Special provisions do not address aerially deposited lead (ADL) within the project limits. The contract documents do not provide bidders enough information to quantify the amounts of ADL. Please confirm that this project is free from any ADL. The safety of our men is critical.

A2) Refer to Section 10-1.02, "MATERIAL CONTAINING LEAD," of the Special Provisions. Refer also to the "Asbestos, Lead-based Paint, and Soil Survey Report" in the Information Handout. The contractor is responsible for preparing a project-specific Lead Compliance Plan to prevent or minimize worker exposure to lead while handling material containing lead. Please bid in accordance with the contract documents. 7Jul10

Q3) Plan sheet 360: Where does the contractor get paid to build the "temporary wall" found on this sheet?

A3) Refer to Addendum 1 dated July 2, 2010. Section 10-1.155, "Temporary Walls," has been added. Section 10-1.01, "Order of Work," has been modified. 7Jul10

Q4) Plan sheet 377: The State has indicated "roadway backfill"? Please clarify the States term, we find no such term in the states standard or specials. Is there a spec to this material?

A4) Unless an addendum is issued, bid per the current contract bid documents. 12Jul10

Q5) We are unable to find a method of payment for the temporary embankment wall constructed in Stage 1. How is this item of work to be paid?

A5) Refer to Addendum 1 dated July 2, 2010. Section 10-1.155, "Temporary Walls," has been added. Section 10-1.01, "Order of Work," has been modified. 6Jul10

Q6) Pier Protection Walls shown on Sheet 287 are not shown on Concrete Strength and Type Limits Detail on Sheet 239. How are Pier Protection Walls (Ex/Back/Rebar)?

A6) Please refer to the current contract bid documents. For pay clauses not found in the Special Provisions for earthwork (excavation/backfill) and bar reinforcing steel, reference the following sections of the Standard Specifications (and amendments to the Standard Specifications): Section 19.3.07, "Measurement," and Section 19.3.08,"Payment," Section 52.10, "Measurement," and Section 52.11, "Payment." 2Jul10

Q7) There are bid items for Earth Retaining Structure, Location A, B, C, D. The plans identify the structures as retaining walls 1-4. Which wall is location A, location B, etc?

A7) Please refer to Section 9, "Description of Bridge Work" (page 49) of the special provisions. 6Jul10

Q8) The traffic handling plans do not identify any temporary krail on the project as being doweled. Will any temporary krail on the project need to be doweled? If so, please identify on the plans.

A8) Please refer to Standard Plan T3, "Temporary Railing (Type K"), for doweling requirements. 2Jul10

Q9) Is it the State's intent to remove the pile of the existing sign structure? (to 5.5m below grade as mentioned on page 113), as normally it would be removed to 3'(1 m) below existing grade (Standards Section 15-3)

A9) Yes, the intent is to remove the existing foundation as specified in Section 10-1.32 "RELOCATE SIGN STRUCTURE (Existing Highway Facilities)" of the Special Provisions. Refer to Section 5.104, "Contract Components," (page 20 of 214) in the Amendments to the Standard Specifications. 7Jul10

Q10)Plan sheets 184, 185 and 186 indicate "Lighting (City)", however the bid summary pages do not indicate an item described as such. Where are the costs for the "City Lighting" to be placed?

A10) Please refer to Addendum No. 2 dated July 9, 2010, for revised "Bid Item List." 12Jul10

Q11)With 36 trains per day(1.5 per hour = 15 min avg/hr), with work stoppage done by railroad flaggers, (10 minutes-prior,during and after ea train) (which could give work time of about 45 min/hr in 20 minute intervals), is there a possibility that this track could have a few down times of a few hours during 1)bridge demo, 2)falsework install and removal?

A11) Please bid in accordance with the contract documents. 12Jul10


A12) Please submit a bid based on contract documents. 12Jul10

Q13)For bid item 157, Additional Auxiliary Equipment, we have not found any information in the special provisions or the plans. What is this item for?

A13) Please refer to Bid Item List revised by Addendum No. 2, dated July 9, 2010. 12Jul10

Q14)The special provisions address aerially deposited lead (ADL) within the project limits however they do not address how the contractor is to get compensated in the handling of the ADL. The contract documents do not provide bidders enough information to quantify the amounts of ADL.

A14) Please refer to Section 10-1.02, "Material Containing Lead," in the Special Provisions, which states, "Full compensation for conforming to the requirements of this section, except for the Lead Compliance Plan, shall be considered as included in the prices paid for the various contract items of work involved and no additional compensation will be allowed therefor." 12Jul10

Q15)Under the new construction general permit for storm water, what is the designated risk level of this project: 1, 2 or 3?

A15) Implementation of the new NPDES General Permit will be handled by Contract Change Order, proposed by the Engineer. 12Jul10

Q16)Please verify final BD line construction is to be completed in stage 3. Project notes do not address the timeline (completion)?

A16) The Baker Drive (BD Line) final alignment is part of Stage 3. The Contractor will submit their schedule for the work for the Engineer's approval, as required by Section 10-1.16, "Progress Schedule (Critical Path Method)," of the Special Provisions. Refer also to Section 10-1.01, "Order of Work," which states that "nonconflicting work in subsequent stages may proceed concurrently with work in preceding stages, provided satisfactory progress is maintained in the preceding stages of construction." 12Jul10

Q17)Plan sheet 161 – Roadway Quantities – indicates the State has an area for Roadway Excavation (embankment) of 31,525 m3. In review of the overall plans including the MSE backfill required for the project the State has overstated this quantity. The design of the MSE wall requires the contractor to use spec’ed backfill (included in bid items 59 through 62) in this zone thus eliminating a large portion of the roadway embankment. Our calculation call for an exportation of the Roadway Excavation material, please carefully re-examine the Roadway Excavation and Import Borrow items.

A17) The quantities shown for Roadway Quantities are correct. Please submit a bid based on the work item quantities the Department shows in the Bid Item List. 12Jul10

Q18)In order to allow the State to verify the Roadway Excavation quantities, we are seeking a bid date extension. This will allow the State the properly address the issue at hand.

A18) The Department will not postpone the bid opening date. 12Jul10

Q19)Regarding the Roadway Excavation bid item. Our calculation calls for exportation. We believe it to be prudent that the State delay bid open date of this project in order to recalculate the Roadway Excavation and Import Borrow items. The delay will eliminate a major claim the State is facing. Now that addendum#1 has moved the start of this project into the spring of next year, we believe the State does have a week to verify.

A19) Refer to the answers to Questions 17 and 18. 12Jul10

Q20)The Item Total that is already filled in by Caltrans does not equal 11 x $250. Is the quantity supposed to be 31 or the total supposed to be $2,750.00?

A20) Item No. 2, "Small Business Utilization Report," is a fixed-price item. You may disregard it. 12Jul10

Q21)Please confirm that all subcontractors will not have to carry the additional insurance coverage for "railroad"?

A21) Please refer to Exhibit C-1 of Section 13, "Railroad Relations and Insurance Requirements," in the Special Provisions. 12Jul10

Q22)The HMA bid item is currently set-up with QCQA method. This project doesn’t warrant using this method due to the projects surface street tonnage. Please consider changing this method of paving to either “method or standard” process.

A22) No further addenda are anticipated. Please bid in accordance with the contract documents. 13Jul10