California Department of Transportation

Contract 10-340424

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Are cross sections available?

A1) Cross sections are available at: 6Sep11.

Q2) Are there any details for Item #13, Item Code 800051 Fence (Type WM, Metal Post) or Item #115, Item Code 801364 16' MEtal Gate?

A2) Refer to Standard Plan A86 "Barbed Wire and Wire Mesh Fences" for details. Refer to Section 80-3 "Types BW and WM Fence" of the Standard Specifications for additional information. 16Sep11

Q3) What stage of construction will include fence and gate installation (both WM and Chain Link (Items #113-#116)?

A3) Fence installation is not subject to stage construction. Contractor to determine when to install fence. Also, Standard Specifications Section 80-1 "General (FENCES)" states, "Fence construction operations shall be conducted so as to prevent the escape of livestock." 16Sep11

Q4) What are the liquidated damages for this project?

A4) Liquidated damages are determined from the chart provided in Section 8-1.07, "LIQUIDATED DAMAGES," of the Amendments to the Standard Specifications, and are based on the Contractor's bid amount. 12Sep11

Q5) What is the State's schedule for relocation of existing PG&E power lines and phone lines? Will this work be completed prior to the start of construction?

A5) Refer to Section 5-1.15 "NONHIGHWAY FACILITIES (INCLUDING UTILITIES)" of the Special Provisions: "Installation of the utilities shown in the following table requires coordination with your activities. Make the necessary arrangements with the utility company through the Engineer and submit a schedule:

1. Verified by a representative of the utility company

2. Allowing at least the time shown for the utility owner to complete its work."

Also, refer to Note 2 on Utility Plan U-1 (Sheet 99 of the plans): "New overhead utilities will be installed by Others after completion of the Frontage Road. Existing overhead utilities within the right of way will be removed or abandoned by the utility owners after installation of the new overhead facilities along the Frontage Road." 20Sep11

Q6) Where can we get the geotechnical and sismic survey and report?

A6) Refer to the Geotechnical Design Report for the East Sonora Bypass, dated August 6, 1997, in the Information Handout at:


Q7) The existing site conditions between stations 208+78 to 224+00 do not appear to lend themselves to the presplitting method, as it seems to be primarily made up of floating granite outcroppings with pockets of decomposed granite, lacking a "solid" rock foundation necessary to generate a shear plane. What is the intent of the presplitting and will any other methods to excavate the slopes be acceptable?

A7) Refer to Addendum No. 2, dated November 3, 2011. Item No. 50, "DRILL HOLE (PRESPLITTING)" has been deleted from the Bid Item List. 4Nov11

Q8) Where is the detail for the Top of Cut Gutters (TOCG)as shown on the lay out drawings and the Bench V-Ditch as referenced in the quantity table on sheet Q-4?

A8) Refer to the Bench detail on Typical Cross Sections Sheet X-2 (Sheet 3 of the plans) and the Top of Cut Gutter in the Slope Rounding detail on X-5 (Sheet 6). Refer also to V-Gutter details on Construction Details C-9 (Sheet 42). 27Sep11

Q9) Section 6-1.085 Buy America outlines requirements for Buy America. I was unable to find a Federal Aid Project Number which indicates the job is Buy America. Is this job Buy America?

A9) This is not a BUY AMERICA project. The amendements to the Standard Specifications are included in their entirety and some parts may not apply to this project. 30Sep11

Q10) How do the TOCG, and ditches get measured and paid?

A10) Refer to Section 19-4.02 "Measurement," and 19-4.03 "Payment" for excavation of gutters, in the Standard Specifications. All gutter and ditch excavation quantities are part of Roadway Excavation or Rock Excavation quantities, depending on location. 30Sep11

Q11) How does the RSP fabric and rock that is used in the TOCG and ditches get paid?

A11) Rock slope protection (RSP) fabric is paid by the square yard under Item No. 110, "Rock Slope Protection Fabric," and rock is paid by cubic yard for the designated RSP type under Items 108 and 109, "1/2 Ton, Method B" and "Light, Method B." Refer to Standard Specifications Section 72-2.04, "Measurement." Top of cut gutters (TOCG) do not receive RSP. 30Sep11

Q12) Based on the Cross-Sections provided by the State there is more excavation quantity in both bid item 47 and 49 than embankment quantity needed. Will Caltrans be revising the bid quantity for these two items to refelct the actual quantity of excavation?

A12) Refer to Addendum No. 2, dated November 3, 2011. 14Nov11

Q13) Please provide Joint Seal Assembly drawings/details for MR 4.5" & 7"

A13) Reference Special Provisions section 10-1.58 "JOINT SEAL ASSEMBLIES (MOVEMENT RATING EXCEEDING 4 INCHES)" and Plan sheet 229 of 237. 4Nov11

Q14) What type of fence is the existing fence that must be removed?

A14) Existing Fence to be removed is either barbed wire or wire mesh. 8Nov11

Q15) Please direct to a spec for the fence removal.

A15) For fence removal specifications refer to Section 15-2, "MISCELLANEOUS HIGHWAY FACILITIES," of the Standard Specifications. 8Nov11

Q16) Reference Sheet L-7: At the match line to L-6, next to Relocate Mailbox (To 12.0' Lt Sta 14+62 Dwy 2) there seems to be a 16' metal gate in the new fence line that is not labeled as such. Please clarify if this is a gate that should be added to our bid.

A16) Yes, there are three total 16' chain link gates as shown in the 'Gate' table on Summary of Quantities Q-3 (Sheet 126 of the plans). 8Nov11

Q17) Re: Summary of Quantities Q-3- Gates: States there are 3 gates on L-5 and I am only able to locate two. States there are 3 Gates on L-6 and I located 4. States there are 3 gates on L-7 and I located 2 (see question number 16 as to a possible additional gate that is unlabelled). Please clarify if these gate numbers are correct.

A17) Refer to Section 2-1.12B "Bid Item List and Bid Comparison" in the Amendments to the Standard Specifications: "Submit a bid based on the work item quantities the Department shows in the Bid Item List." 8Nov11

Q18) Please confirm detail to be used for Bid Item #116 (14' Chain Link Gate (Type CL-8)) is Cal Trans Standard Plan RSP A85.

A18)Yes, refer to Revised Standard Plan RSP A85 (pg. 156 of the plans) for gate and installation details. 8Nov11

Q19) Location: +39.48 End Fence (Type WM, AMA Metal Post). Please direct me to the beginning of this fence line. Also, what does AMA stand for?

A19) There appears to be a typo, no fence is to be installed at this location. "AMA" refers to the Archeological Monitoring Area. 8Nov11

Q20) Sheet Q1 addendum 2 identifies 2 local borrow sources. Will the State issue new Layout drawing showing these borrow areas and their limits?

A20) No additional information will be provided. 14Nov11

Q21) Based on the new earth work quantities issued in addendum 2, will the State be issuing new Profile Drawings to reflect these quantify changes?

A21) No additional information will be provided. 14Nov11