California Department of Transportation

Contract 10-0N4404

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) There is conflict within the Special Provisions, Notice to Bidders, and Special Notice as to whether there is a Mandatory PreBid Meeting for this project. Please confirm that there is NOT a mandatory pre-bid for this project OR provide date/time/location for the meeting.

A1) No prebid meeting was scheduled for this contract due to the time constraints. 11Mar10

Q2) Are there roadway cross sections available for this project? If so, where can they be obtained?

A2) Please refer to Addendum No. 2, dated March 23, 2010. Cross sections will be made available as specified in Special Provisions Section 5-1.10, "Supplemental Project Information." Copies of cross sections can be purchased from Stockton Blue Reprographics, Phone (209) 464-8724. 24Mar10

Q3) Has Caltrans obtained "written consent from the Department Operating Administration" as it applies to the paragraph in 49 CFR 26.55 below? (5) The DBE may also lease trucks from a non-DBE firm, including from an owner-operator. The DBE who leases trucks from a non-DBE is entitled to credit for the total value of transportation services provided by non-DBE lessees not to exceed the value of transportation services provided by DBE-owned trucks on the contract. Additional participation by non-DBE lessees receives credit only for the fee or commission it receives as a result of the lease arrangement. If a recipient chooses this approach, it must obtain written consent from the appropriate Department Operating Administration.

A3) Caltrans has not pursued written consent from FHWA to give credit to a DBE who leases trucks from a non-DBE firm. 18Mar10

Q4) Regarding the UDBE Participation: Has Caltrans established the actual “Market Areas” for the Prime Contractors to obtain qualified UDBE subcontractors and suppliers?

A4) The only established UDBE requirement for Prime Contractors to meet when bidding a Federally Funded Highway Project is the designated UDBE goal set forth in the Special Provisions. Refer to the "Notice to Bidders," which states that "the UDBE Contract goal is 5%. Caltrans does not designate what type of business a Prime Contractor may subcontract to, only that the business or businesses must be a certified as UDBE. Please refer to Section 2-1.03, "Disadvantaged Business Enterprises," for additional informational pertaining to DBE/UDBE requirements. 18Mar10.

Q5) Are there ARRA funds included in this project? if so when will the mandatory pre-bid meeting be scheduled as required by this funding source?

A5) There are no American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds included in this project.18Mar10.

Q6)No seed is mentioned for this treatment. Is there a seed mix to be used?

A6) No seed is required. Refer to Section 10-1.21, "Erosion Control (Type D)," of the Special Provisions. The only applications will be straw and stabilizing emulsion. 24Mar10.

Q7) The straw is applied with no provision for anchoring with tackifier or incorporation. The straw will be lost to wind. What is the proper sequence of application?

A7) Stabilizing emulsion must comply with Section 20-2.11, "Stabilizing Emulsion," of the Standard Specifications and the special provisions. Refer to "Application" of Section 10-1.21, "Erosion Control (Type D)," of the Special Provisions. The proper sequence should be fiber, straw, and seal with stabilizing emulsion. 24Mar10.

Q8) The 48" RCP is installed on Modesto Irrigation District's main canal and will be full of water during the irrigation season until approximately November. Temporary closures are highly unlikely during the entire summer so how is the contractor supposed to install the pipe/headwall/collar in the 45 working days provided by the contract. The pipeline and the improvements adjacent to the pipeline will need to be completed in a separate phase past the irrigation season. How should the contractor handle this work?

A8) Please refer to Special Provisions Section 5-1.10, "Order of Work," as revised by Addendum No. 2, dated March 23, 2010. The contractor will need to consider this in preparing their schedule of work. Refer also to "Progress Schedule" sections 10-1.07 of the Special Provisions and 8-1.04 of the Standard Specifications. The majority of contract work can be performed prior to the Drainage System No.1 (MID Canal) culvert extension work. If at some time the MID culvert work becomes the controlling operation, the contract may need to be suspended and then resumed when the culvert work can be performed. Also note that the first working day specified in Section 4, "Beginning of Work, Time of Completion, and Liquidated Damages," is the 90th day after approval. 25Mar10.

Q9) Follow-up to Q3 - By not requesting the additional credit it appears that Caltrans is not interested in maximizing available UDBE credit. Since achieving UDBE goals is critical to continued funding why isn't Caltrans requesting this?

A9) The Office of Business and Economic Opportunity is in communication with FHWA to determine what is needed to obtain written consent to allow Caltrans to give a contractor DBE credit for using a DBE who leases trucks from a non-DBE firm, as described in 49 CFR Part 26.55. 25Mar10.

Q10) 10-1.01 Order of Work requires the work in the MID canal to be completed prior to any roadwork. It further requires the canal work to be completed between November 1 and March 1. Will the project be "suspended" until November 1, 2010?

A10) Please refer to Addendum No. 2, dated March 23, 2010: "In the Special Provisions, Section 10-1.01, "Order of Work," the first sentence in the second paragraph is deleted." The project will not be suspended until November 1, 2010. 29Mar10.

Q11) Q-1 Summary of Quantities includes "Remove Headwall and Wingwall" 1 EA. It is not designated with an (n). Therefore, what bid item includes payment for this work?

A11) Submitted for consideration. 26Mar10.

Q12) How many PCMS boards are required for this project? The CAS plan does not show locations and the bid item is lump sum.

A12) Please refer to Section 10-1.15, "Portable Changeable Message Signs," of the Special Provisions: "Place two portable changeable message signs for each lane closures. For one-way reversing lane closures, a portable changeable message sign shall be placed for each direction." 26Mar10.

Q13) 1) What is the schedule of the current contract with Stanislaus Co.? 1a) What is the completion date for that the Stanislaus Co. project? 2) Please indicate if that contract has day or night work? 3) Does the Contract with Stanislaus Co. allow closures of Ladd and McHenry? which would push additional traffic onto Rte 108? 4) Since the State has not designed this project using K-rail can we close Rte 108 from Station 118 to 126 - pushing traffic thru the Stanislaus Co. project? This will allow the contractor to handle the tie-in with-out traffic control; this will also eliminate the use of any 4:1s...?

A13) Please refer to Section 10-1.06, "Cooperation," of the Standard Specifications: "Should construction be under way by other forces or by other contractors within or adjacent to the limits of the work specified or should work of any other nature be under way by other forces within or adjacent to those limits, the Contractor shall cooperate with all the other contractors or other forces to the end that any delay or hindrance to their work will be avoided." If there are conflicting operations, traffic control and detours will need to be worked out between the contractors, and approved by the Engineer. Refer also to Section 10-1.12, "Closure Requirements and Conditions," of the Special Provisions: "The Contractor will be notified of disapproved closures or closures that require coordination with other parties as a condition of approval." 29Mar10.

Q14) Follow up to question A8 - Since the State is agreeing that this work will likely go into suspension - Can the State please communicate with MID and Stanislaus Co. - eliminating this item from this contract and allowing Stanislaus Co. to perform "now".....

A14) An interruption in service during the irrigation season can not be accommodated. Please refer to Section 10-1.01, "Order of Work," of the Special Provisions: "Construction work on the MID canal must be coordinated through the MID Irrigation Department at (209) 526-7567, and shall not commence until obtaining written authorization from MID. 29Mar10.

Q15) Can the State please eliminate 19-5.03 Relative Compaction (95% compaction) - mainly the 2.5' below finish grade section at 95%?

A15) No, the requirements of Section 19-5.03 of the Standard Specifications will not be revised. 29Mar10.

Q16) Can the bid be postponed to give the contractor the time to review the cross sections (Released Mar 23 per addendum number 2) and analyze the effects of the potential phasing from the MID canal discussed in the bidders inquiries (Answered March 25th)?

A16) The bid opening will not be postponed. 29Mar10.

Q17) Since the work is to be constructed concurrently with the Stanislaus County project, several detours will need to be implemented in order for the Caltrans project to meet the time requirements. Are there any limits to the length, both time and distance, of these required detours?

A17) Refer to the answer to Question 13, regarding cooperation. Refer also to Section 10-1.11, "Maintaining Traffic," of the Special Provisions. 29Mar10.