California Department of Transportation

Contract 10-0L5804

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Q1) Sorry about being so late with this question.
Does the entire area as designated on plan PL-1 (sheet 5) as "limits of roadside clearing, planting, irrigation and plant establishment" get mowed during the plant establishment period or do we mow 12' circles around each plant? In the specs, paragraph 5, p.180 under Plant establishment it says "where proposed planting areas are 12 feet or more from the edges of existing plantings to remain and from shoulders, dikes, curbs, sidewalks, fences, and walls, the mowing limit shall be 6 feet beyond the outer limits of the proposed planting area. However, in the roadside clearing spec, p. 177, Paragraph B. (at the end of the page) says "Weeds outside of mulched areas, plant basins, shall be controlled by mowing. Limits of mowing shall extend from the weeds to be killed areas out to the edges of pavement, dikes, curbs, sidewalks, and fences" indicating the entire area, approx. 60 acres, to be mowed.

A1) Yes, the entire area as designated on Plant List PL-1 (Sheet 5 of the plans) as "limits of roadside clearing planting, irrigation and plant establishment" shall be mowed during the plant establishment period.

Q2) There is a federal wage classification for a Landscape Laborer during the establishment warranty period. This classification is typically used for all work during the Plant Establishment period. Would this classification apply for someone mowing with tractor type mower, typically 35-90 hp?

A2) No, the scope of work for the federal wage classification of Landscape Laborer does not allow Laborers to operate tractor type mowers.