California Department of Transportation

Contract 10-0L5704

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) The Legend on the Plant List, PL-1, Sheet 5, calls for 6" depth for the mulch areas. The Bid Item List of the Special Provisions on page 3, Item 13, has an amount of 17,400 CY of mulch. However, using the areas shown on the planting plans, PP-1 to PP-15, sheet 6 to 20, I came up with a much higher quantity of 17,400 CY of mulch shown in Bid Item 13. Should the Bid Item 13 be increased to a much bigger quantity?

A1) No, submit a bid based on the pipe quantities shown in the Bid Item List. 11Mar10

Q2) The Plastic Pipe, Bid Items 18 to 23, of the Special Provisions, page 3, are final pay quantities. The total pipe quantity for items 18 to 23 total to 55,423 LF of pipe. My quantity take off, however, I came up with a much higher quantity. Should the pipe quantity be increased to at least 61,000 LF of total pipe since the above items are final pay quantities?

A2) No, bid as shown on plans. The total pipe quantity shown on the plans is correct. 11Mar10

Q3) Xxxxx?

A3) Xxxxx.