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Caltrans District 4 - 580 Castro Valley Off-Ramp at Redwood Road

Camera & Editing by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans District 4 - 580 Eastbound HOV Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, November 10, 2010.

Camera and Editing by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 - 101 Windsor HOV Widening Project, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 11/02/10

Camera & Edited By: Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | Devil's Slide Punch-Through Event 10-1-2010

Caltrans District 4 - Devil's Slide Punch-Through Event 10-1-2010. North portal of the Devil's Slide Tunnel. Camera & Edited By: Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | Caldecott Fourth Bore Early Excavation

Caltrans District 4 - Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore Early Excavation Camera & Edited By: Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | Caldecott Commencement of Tunneling

Caltrans District 4 | Caldecott Furth Bore Project Commencement of Tunneling August 9, 2010 Camera & Edited By: Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | Devil's Slide Tunnel Punch Through

Punch-Through of the North Portal of the Devil's Slide Tunnel, October 1, 2010. Camera and Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | Loverrdige Road Widening Groundbreaking

State Route 4. Caltrans District 4 - Loverridge Road Widening Groundbreaking ceremony June 7, 2010. Camera & Edited By Dennis Parecadan.

Caltrans District 4 | Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore Construction

The Caldecott Fourth Bore project and other stimulus projects throughout the state are putting Californians back to work while rebuilding our vital infrastructure. In this video, workers talk about what it means to them to land a job on California's largest Recovery Act project, the 420 million Caldecott Fourth Bore project. Camera & Edited By Dennis Parecadan.

Caltrans District 4 | Doyle Drive Tunnel Ground Breaking

July 21, 2010, Caltrans and partners celebrated the beginning of construction of the southbound Battery Tunnel and temporary traffic bypass at Doyle Drive. This Presidio Parkway project is funded by President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009.

Run time: 6:42 Sec. Shot and Edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans District 4 | Doyle Drive Oscillator & Bridge Foundation Construction

Doyle Drive construction update at Presidio Parkway in San Francisco: Oscillator Rig & Bridge Foundation Construction. Watch the Construction of the foundations for the new high viaduct bridge. Run time: 4:16 Sec. Shot and Edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans District 4 | 101 HOV Groundbreaking Ceremony


Caltrans District 4 | Worker's Memorial 2010


Caltrans District 4 | Palm Tree Relocation

This video highlights some of the procedures involved in preparing, removing and replanting two large palm trees at Park Presidio. Shot and edited by Benjamin Roxton.

Caltrans District 4 | New Street Park at Sixth & Brannan

The opening of a new street park, Sixth & Brannan in San Francisco April 14, 2010. Camera and edited by Dennis Parecadan.

Caltrans District 4 | 580 101 Connector Ramp

Watch this video to learn more about the new 580/101 connector ramp, and the traffic realignment.

Caltrans District 4 | Plastic Recycle Bins

Caltrans District 4, Keep California Beautiful, The Chemical Counsel, and Assemblyman Jared Huffman of Marin County collaborated to dedicate the installation of plastic recycle bins at the Dana Bowers rest stop with overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge. These bins will enable us to properly recycle out plastics waste. Shot and Edit by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans District 4 | Doyle Drive Presidio Parkway Plant Relocation.

Narrated by David Yam and shot and edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans District 4 | Caldecott Fourth Bore Groundbreaking Celebration January 22, 2010.

Camera, Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | El Camino Real, Mission Bell Marker

Camera, Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | I-80 HOV Ribbon Cutting

This ribbon cutting celebration on Interstate 80 commemorates the opening of the first HOV (carpool) lanes in Solano County and the placement of 27 miles of new pavement. The completion of these four projects have decreased delays and improved mobility in Solano County. Camera, Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 | Wilfred Ave Interchange

Camera, Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 - Diversity and Disability Day 2009

Diversity and Disability Day 2009. Camera, Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 - 2009 Heart Walk

Caltrans District 4 participated once again in the 2009 Heart Walk. Caltrans has been one of the earliest participants of the Oakland Heart Walk. This year over 100 Caltrans employees participated in the Walk and raised several thousand dollars for the American Heart Association. Shot & Edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans District 4 - The True Cost of Litter

Caltrans spends millions of dollars on litter pick up every year but the real cost is even higher..we pick up in more ways than money!

Camera, Edited and Directed by Dennis Parecadan

Commerce Boulevard Closure, October 6-8, 2009

Commerce Boulevard Closure, October 6-8, 2009

Caltrans Distict 4 - First Federal Economic Stimulus Funds

First Federal Economic Stimulus Funds start flowing in California repaving of I-80 in Fairfield.
Running Time: 10:31 min. / Camera & Edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans Distict 4 - Double Fine Zone.

SB 1419 introduced by Senator LeLand Yee designates portions of 19th Ave. in San Francisco and part of Van Ness Avenue/State route 101 as Double Fine Zones.These designations of Double Fine Zones became law effective January 1st 2009 to remind motorists to slow drown and drive safer. Running Time: 5:19 min. / Camera & Edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans Distict 4 - Real McCoy Ferry Towing 1/12/09.

Running Time : 3:37 min. / Camera & Edited by Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans Distict 4 - 880 Mission Blvd Project, HOV Lane Opening.

Running Time : 5:50 min. / Camera & Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Santa Rosa 101 HOV Lane and Steele Lane Project, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 10/27/08.

Running Time : 7:43 min. / Camera & Edited by Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 - I580 Redwood Road Project Groundbreaking Ceremony 10/16/08.

Running Time : 5:56 min. / Camera & Edited by Dennis Paracedan

Caltrans District 4 - State Route 4 Bypass Segment 3 Grand Opening Ceremony 10/27/08.

Running Time : 6:02 min. / Camera & Edited by Dennis Paracedan

I-80 Bay to Border Press Tour 8/24/08.

Running Time : 7:59 min. / Edited By Benjamin Roxton, Camera by Dennis Parecedan and Benjamin Roxton.

Route 84 Realignment at Pigeon Pass Project in Alameda County. Ribbon cutting ceremony 10/24/08.

Running Time : 5:13 min. / Camera & Edited by Dennis Paracedan

Caltrans Distict 4 - I-680 Express Lane groudbreaking ceremony 10/31/08.

Running Time : 6:36 min. / Edited By Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans Distict 4 - David Frank Lamoree Memorial Dedication Ceremony 9/4/08.

Running Time : 7:50 min. / Edited By Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans Distict 4 - Devil's Slide Bridge Celebration 9/26/08.

Running Time : 5:45 min. / Edited By Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans Distict 4 - Norman Y. Mineta Highway Dedication Ceremony 9/15/08

Running Time : 6:25 min. / Edited By Dennis Parecadan

I880 Tanker Truck Fire 10/22/08

Running Time : 4:06 min. / Edited By Benjamin Roxton

Caltrans Tree Planting

152/156 Improvement Project

East Blithedale Off Ramp Widening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony August 25, 2008

Running Time : 5 min. / Edited By Dennis Parecadan

Caltrans District 4 Diversity Day Celebration 2007. ( Video Montage )

Running Time : 2 min. / Edited By Dennis Parecadan

Groundbreaking Event - Solano I-80 HOV Lane Project (Prop 1B/CMIA)

This groundbreaking represents the first Corridor Mobility Improvement Account funded project in the Bay Area and the fifth in the State. Eight miles of HOV (carpool lanes) are planned from Red Top road to East of Air Base Parkway. This carpool lane will reduce travel delay, decrease congestion, and improve mobility in the corridor. Run time: 5:19 min. Shot and edited by : Benjamin Roxton

The West Approach Seismic Retrofit Project: A Video Montage

Because of its location in the dense urban environment and high commute traffic volumes, the seismic retrofit of the West Approach Project was one of the most complex projects ever undertaken by Caltrans.

This short video tells the story, thru imagery, of the demolition and replacement of the West Approach to the Bay Bridge,which winds through residential neighborhoods and businesses in downtown San Francisco. It is also a tribute to the workers who made it happen!

Running Time: 12:45 | Shot & Edited by Richard Schatzman

A time lapse video of the 580 Maze Repair in 47 Seconds!


Water quality is a concern for several important reasons. One reason is wildlife. The bay waters are home to a diverse community of wildlife. Water conditions are extremely important to birds, fish and marine mammals. Even the slightest change in aquatic conditions can have negative impact. This video will outline some of the efforts Caltrans is making to safeguard the environment during construction of the new Bay Bridge. Running Time: 11min, Directed and Edited by Dennis Parecadan
State Route 4 Bypass-Segment 1 &  Laural Road Extension Projects

State Route 4 Bypass-Segment 1 & Laural Road Extension Projects

Highway 101 Traffic Shifts in Marin County

Highway 101 Traffic Shifts in Marin County

Lewis E Platt Memorial Highway Dedication Ceremony

Lewis E Platt Memorial Highway Dedication Ceremony

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"Did You Know" Caltrans TV Spot

Devil's Slide Tunnels Excavation Celebration & Project Update Fall 2007

Devil's Slide Tunnels Excavation Celebration & Project Update Fall 2007

Caltrans District 4 Delivers Holiday Cheer

Caltrans District 4 Delivers Holiday Cheer

580 Maze Repair

Maze Damage & Reconstruction Video 5/17/07

The West Approach - Demolition Project

Labor Day Weekend 2006
The West Approach - Demolition Project
San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

During the Labor Day Weekend, Caltrans closed the lower deck of The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to demolish and remove over 1,000 feet of the 70 year old structure, located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District. In addition, eleven other maintenance and construction projects were coordinated during the weekend to maximize the efficiency of the 77 hour closure.

This short web video highlights some of the activities during Labor Day Weekend 2006. Running Time: 7:30
CT Diversity Day


New Russian River Bridge


A new Geyerserville Bridge opened August 17, 2006 after closing January 1, 2006 due to severe damage during New Year's storms. The community, local leaders, and Caltrans joined together to celebrate the bridge opening four months earlier than projected. This video gives an overview of the construction and encapsulates the celebratory remarks made by leaders at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Festivities included a parade across the new bridge.
RSR Overlay


The upcoming 'Traffic Split' on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge may, at first, cause some confusion, as drivers become accustomed to the new configuration. Watch this video for a complete, thorough explanation of how the 'Traffic Split' will take place
Devil's Slide Repairs


A kick-off event for the cross country National Convoy to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Interstate Highway System was held on June 16th, 2006 at Lincoln Park in San Francisco, California. The event was attended by many national and local dignitaries.
Devil's Slide Repairs


On April 2, 2006, Highway 1 at Devil's Slide was closed. Once again, this geologically unstable section of coastline slid a little closer to the ocean. Less than 24 hours after the road was closed, massive boulders came crashing down from 300 feet above the roadway. In the video, a senior Caltrans geologist explains why this section of road continues to fail and describes how Caltrans will fix the problem. Learn a little about the history of Devil's Slide and how the latest repair compares to the one in 1995 when the road was closed for about 6 months.
Sonoma 101 Groundbreaking


Ground breaking ceremony for Sonoma 101 HOV widening project was held on April 4, 2006. This major construction project is to widen US 101 from four to six lanes between Route 12 and Steele Lane in Santa Rosa. The new lanes will be northbound and southbound carpool lanes, which will add capacity and encourage ridesharing in this congested corridor.
Steel Span Lift


The first of two steel transition spans was lifted into place during an around the clock thirty six hour operation. At 1700 tons, this was one of the largest construction lifts in California history. These steel transition spans will connect the concrete Skyway with the steel Self Anchored Suspension Span of the new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge East Span.
Pier Tables


Caltrans is retiring the historic 1927 Carquinez Bridge since it was replaced by state of the art, Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge in 2003. This video celebrates the building of the original Carquinez Bridge, paying tribute to the first bridge to span the strait and its role in Bay Area history..
ITS Rocks


In November 2005, Caltrans had the honor of co-hosting the World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, here in San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Center. The ITS World Congress also offered the Innovative Mobility Showcase at SBC park that demonstrated the latest ITS technologies at work - live, on a simulated State Highway System. Following video captures the events & technologies highlighted at the ITS World Congress.
Pier Foundations


The building of the East Span of the New Bay Bridge begins with the construction of the foundations in the bay waters and below. The video captures how these steps are accomplished: building coffer dams, placing footing boxes, pile driving, placing rebar cages in the steel piles, and finally pouring the concrete.
Pier Tables


The next major process is to build piers and pier tables. The video highlights the following steps: fabrication and placing of the pier column rebar cages, steel forms erection, concrete pour for the pier columns, step by step building of the pier table, and lastly the post-tensioning.
Octavia Ribbon Cutting


The Central Freeway was one of the most controversial debates in San Francisco: To build or not to build the damaged freeway through The City. Watch as San Francisco's politicians, transportation experts, and citizens join together in celebrating the opening of The Central Freeway Market St. on and off-ramps, and the beautifully landscaped adjoining Octavia Blvd. .
Carquinez Traffic Switch


A new video by Caltrans Public Affairs takes you through the switch, and explains the detours for local traffic.
37 Ribbon Cutting


This project, located in Solano County, widened Route 37 between the Napa River Bridge and Enterprise Street, converting 4-lane conventional highway to 4-lane freeway. The project also includes construction of a partial Interchange at Route 37 junction of Route 29, an Over-crossing at Sacramento Street, box culverts at White Slough, five sound walls, four, retaining wall and a class 1-bike path.

This project significantly improve safety and traffic operations, reduce traffic congestion and improve the movement of goods and services through this vital North Bay corridor, while mitigating for the environmental impacts and enhancing public access. .
Mandela Ribbon Cutting


This project is truly a collaborative effort that would not have been possible without the generous contribution of time, effort and an abundance of positive energy provided by the community of West Oakland, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the City of Oakland. Enjoy the video and then find time to take a stroll along Mandela Parkway. The pleasure will be yours.
The Devil's Slide Portal


The Devil's Slide project is located on State Route 1 in San Mateo County between the town of Montara to the south and City of Pacifica to the north.

The project will construct approximately 6,500 linear feet of new alignment along State Route 1, consisting of two parallel 4000-foot tunnels, a north portal approach of 1,500 feet that includes parallel bridges measuring 1,000 feel, and a south portal approach of 1,000 feet.
New Benicia Video


Benicia Martinez Bridge is one of the most heavily traveled bridges in the state. An additional bridge span is being constructed adjacent to the existing Benicia Martinez Bridge along I- 680 across the Carquinez Strait. Besides the construction of the new span and improvements of the existing bridge, there are several related projects under construction.This video shows the current status on the new span and other related projects.


This video commemorates California Highway Workers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Highlights of the ceremonies of the three memorial plaques located throughout District 4 as well as several Caltrans employees paying tribute and remembering our coworkers are included in the video.
Carquinez Fireworks


This short film explores the construction of the new Carquinez (Alfred Zampa Memorial) Bridge through exclusive interviews with key television and newspaper reporters as well as community representatives. This short film features time-lapse footage of bridge construction and the largest fireworks show ever on the Carquinez Strait during opening celebration. This 7 minute segment supplements the 35 minute Caltrans documentary "Spanning the Carquinez Strait" with completely new footage. The full documentary is now available on DVD and VHS through the Caltrans Historic Preservation Society at http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/esc/CHPC/.


In a continuing series of short web videos documenting new carquinez bridge construction in District 4, Bart Ney, the public information officer at the bridge, discusses deck welding and wire wrapping of the main cables.


The two and a half minute web video's purpose is to inform the public on the procedures used by Caltrans and its contractor FCI-Cleveland Bridge on lifting the Carquinez Bridge's deck sections into place. On-camera interviews of Public Information Officer Bart Ney describe the procedure during the historic last day of deck erection, as the last deck section is being lifted into place. Using time-lapse video, District 4's A-V video crew captured a complete deck lift on the north side of the bridge, from the California Maritime Academy. What usually takes 4 hours is compressed into less than 30 seconds. The action includes iron workers at work and personnel using computer assisted strand jacks.


Caltrans has received numerous emails and phone calls regarding the one-inch thick steel plates that have been placed on the upper deck of the Bay Bridge just west of the Yerba Buena Tunnel. Although the plates have been designed to accommodate 50 mile- per-hour traffic, many drivers slow down prior to the plates. The slowing of just a few vehicles on a congested bridge can greatly increase traffic congestion. Many motorists have complained about the increased delays. ==>> MORE


The following video was taken during the first sound attenuation test on the Benicia-Martinez Bridge on July 12, 2002. The video shows the isolation casing, Enduraflex coating and bubble curtain being used in conjunction to reduce the sound levels experienced in the Carquinez Straits during pile driving operations with the Menck 500T hydraulic pile driving hammer.


Californians annually produce 33 million waste tires. Instead of clogging landfills, 70 percent of these are recycled and used in engineering, environmental and consumer projects.

This video outlines the use of recycled tires in this new ramp. You will learn how waste tires are prepared, why they're a viable alternative and the specifications necessary for civil engineering applications like this. ==>> MORE


Caltrans is proud to present you with an new public service announcement (PSA). This video address motorist safety when encountering work zones. We strongly encourage motorists to drive safely at all times, but especially so near work zones where unsafe and irresponsible driving places both the driver and workers in jeopardy. ==>> MORE


In the mid 1990s, The California Department of Transportation produced this classic "Office Drive-Through" public service announcement. It's message remains important today.


The view begins with an overhead still view of the bridge. When the animation begins, the viewer is looking northbound towards Pacifica from the edge of San Pedro Mountain. The camera then swoops to the side to give a profile of the bridge. Video ends with a view from the southbound direction, looking into the incandescently-lighted tunnel bores. ==>> MORE


DO YOU HATE LITTER? So do we. And so does "Evening Magazine" host Mike Rowe. Recently, Mike joined our maintenance crews for a day of litter removal. He could not believe what he found, and neither will you. Watch the entire segment, courtesy KPIX-TV.


The Engineering Institute is a two-week residential program for fifty (50) youths interested in engineering related careers. The institute was held at San Francisco State University - School of Engineering. During the Institute, participants gained insight into the engineering academic program that they will encounter as college students. They were exposed to different engineering careers. This Caltrans video is a document of the class of 2000.