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Current Project Information Overview

Route 87 (South) HOV Lanes Project - Limits of the project are Northbound and Southbound on Route 87 between Interstate 280 and Route 85, a distance of approximately 4.25 miles. The project will widen Route 87 in the existing median, adding HOV lanes in both directions (Highway will be 3 lanes in each direction). Separate auxiliary lane will be added for the Alma Exit off ramp from Southbound Route 87 between I-280 and the Almaden Expressway. The project includes the installation of ramp meters at selected locations.

The project will also repair pavement, median barriers, sound walls and drainage systems damaged by pavement settlement along this segment of freeway.

Project Objective

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To relieve traffic congestion by adding HOV lanes and a collector-distributor lane.

Current Status

We are currently constructing the median roadway using new materials, cellular concrete. This light-weight fill is being used to eliminate the settlement problems we have experienced in other areas on Route 87. A new sound wall is being constructed between Route 280 and Almaden Expressway in the southbound direction to reduce the freeway noise in adjacent neighborhoods.

Major Traffic Switches:

Upcoming Traffic Switch: Northbound Route 87 between Almaden Expressway and I-280, traffic will be shifted from the right side to the left side of the roadway on Thursday morning, March 23, 2006.

On October 23, 2005. traffic on southbound Route 87, between Route 280 and Almaden Expressway has been switched to the newly paved roadway in the median (two lanes).

UPCOMING Traffic Switch: NORTH BOUND ROUTE 87 BETWEEN Capital Expressway and Alma Ave On-Ramp - 1st week or 2nd Week of December 2005. - traffic will be shifted onto the newly paved roadway in the median (two lanes).

Project Schedule:

Construction began: Spring 2005
Project complete: Late 2006

For more information:

Contact Brigetta Smith (510) 286-5820