California Department of Transportation

District 3 and North Region Right of Way

roadway with poppies

District 3 Right of Way administers the district program for right of way acquisition and real property management in support of Caltrans' purpose, mission, vision and goals. The two primary responsibilities are:

Right of Way Acquisition

  • to appraise and purchase property required for transportation purposes; affect and orderly relocation of affected families, businesses and utility facilities, and clearing of properties prior to construction.

  • to comprehensively manage Caltrans' Real Property Program, reducing the costs of operations, and disposing of property no longer needed for transportation purposes.

Real Property Management

  • monitoring right of way activities on federally assisted local facilities.

  • maintaining a stewardship role in the expenditure of federal funds.

  • ensuring local agency compliance of outdoor advertising along State highways.

District 3 has a professional staff of Right of Way agents, engineers, administrators and other who perform a vital role in the delivery of right of way for transportation projects and in managing other real estate assets related to those projects.