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    The Division is an interdisciplinary team of professionals working together to meet California's transportation needs while being sensitive to the needs of our customers and planning partners. Transportation planners, engineers, and support staff work cooperatively to meet our planning goals.

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Division Offices, Programs and Services

Local Assistance Local Assistance
The District 3 Office of Local Assistance supports local and regional agencies in securing federal and state financing for transportation projects. Funds are used primarily for local capital projects off the state highway system, mass transit capital improvement projects, and bridge improvement projects.
Advance Planning Office of Advance Planning
Caltrans Advance Planning provides a link between planning and programming (funding) a project. A project initiation documents (PID), such as a Project Study Report, is a key qualification for advancing a project from planning to programming to construction.
Regional Planning Regional Planning
The primary goal of the regional transportation planning program is to work with our regional and local transportation partners to help guide, assist, and maintain the regional transportation planning process. Regional Planning Liaisons serve as the single point of contact within the District for all regional transportation planning activites.
Regional Planning Community Planning
Community Planning encourages the integration of transportation and land use planning with community values through programs, policies, and projects that help create more livable communities. Community Planning encourages development that mixes land uses, increases land use density, provides travel choices, and promotes public participation and the building of partnerships.
Local Development Review Local Development Review
The primary goal of the Local Development Review Program is to assist lead agencies with the identification of impacts and appropriate mitigation measures of local development activities on the State Highway System. District 3 planners review local, state, and federal programs, plans, and projects that have the potential to impact existing or proposed state transportation facilities.
System Planning System and Freight Planning
System and Freight Planning is Caltrans long-range (20-years) transportation planning process to evaluate current and future operating conditions and deficiencies on the State transportation system. The process considers the entire transportation system, including highways and local arterials; transit services; railroads; airports; seaports; non-motorized modes of transportation (i.e. bicycles and walking); goods movement, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and local land use plans.
District 3 CSMP Map Corridor System Management
Corridor System Management is a comprehensive, innovative way to efficiently manage existing transportation infrastructure and systems. It involves using advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with targeted operational and capacity improvement projects to fully manage and optimize a transportation corridor
Travel Forecasting Travel Forecasting and Modeling
The Office of Travel Forecasting and Modeling is a functional unit under the Deputy District Director of Planning and Local Assistance. The primary function of the Office provides critical project travel analysis of past, present and future traffic volumes, turn movements as well as other operational characteristics.
Mass Transportation and Transit Planning Mass Transportation/Transit Planning
Making transit a more practical travel option is one of the Department's six goals. While the Department is widely recognized as being responsible for the State's highways and freeways, not many people are aware of the Department's interest in helping to improve and expand transit service. We recognize that transit is a vital component of the State's transportation system.
Native Americans Native American Activities Caltrans has many transportation projects within reservations and tribal ancestral areas. There are 11 Federally recognized tribal governments within District 3. The District works with all Tribes on a government-to-government basis. We are currently developing memorandums of understanding with each Tribe to more formally define this relationship and operating procedures.