California Department of Transportation

El Dorado 89 - Emerald Bay Rock Wall Replacement

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study
January 2005

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Document pages 1-76 (PDF) 1.70 MG
Section 4f (PDF) 1.17 MG
Attachment 1- Project location and vicinity map (PDF) 8.73 MG
Attachment 2 - Aerial view of project location (PDF) 11MG
Attachment 3 - SHPO Finding of Adverse Effect Concurrence letter (PDF) 173 KB
Attachment 4 - Construction drawing showing the architectural fetures of the new Type 732 concrete barrier (PDF) 39.5 KB
Attachment 5 - The Federal Highway Administration and the California Historic Preservation Officer Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) 96 KB
Appendix E (PDF) 2.38 MG