California Department of Transportation - District 2

Administration - Supporting the Caltrans family

Administration acts in support of the divisions of Planning, Maintenance and Operations and Program/Project Management. The Administration staff is committed to providing these divisions with the service they need to effectively manage the public's resources in order to deliver a quality transportation system. To help accomplish this task, the Division of Administration provides the following services:

  • The office of Budget Management, Accounting & Human Resources:
    • Facilitates the management of the District's annual fiscal budget; to include, budget monitoring of allocations and expenditures by program and fund source, and provides management with monthly projection and expenditure reports. The office is also responsible for Project Control (Expenditure Authorization management), out-of-state travel, certification of funds and encumbrances, position control/management, maintaining organizational charts, maintaining the staffing plan and the Database of Personnel by Position (DOPP),.
    • Provides support to the general public and Caltrans' staff in the following programs: Exam Management, Hiring Services, Benefits and Personnel.
  • The office of Business Management & Cashiering:
    • Provides management of the automotive pool, warehouse management, and property control management, as well as District office facilities coordination and space planning, energy management, building maintenance, building security. All of these services are aimed at providing a safe, secure environment and delivery of quality products for Redding-based staff to work in and service the public.
    • Provides cashiering duties.
  • The office of Legal Administrative Services & Safety:
    • Provides support to the general public and Caltrans's staff in the following programs: Employee Training, Legal Claims, Property Control/Recycle, Building Maps/Emergency Plan, and Critical Incident Stress Management Program. Legal Administrative Services also administers various District Committees such as the Disability Advisory Committee (DAC).
    • Provides Employee Health and Safety, conducts safety inspections and provides guidance for safety related issues to maintenance stations and office locations.
  • The office of Public Information:
    • Facilitates the marketing and promotion of transportation projects and programs to the traveling public, the Department's stakeholders and its employees. This office is the media contact for inquiries concerning Departmental and District specific issues. The weekly Road Information Bulletin, highlighting construction project status, weekly maintenance operations and anticipated road closures, is communicated to the public by this office. The Public Information Officer is the Legislative Affairs Liaison for issues occurring within the District. This office also provides management of the District Employee Awards Program, the Small Business Program, and supports the graphic design, reprographic, media/web coordinator, and audio/visual needs of the District.

The Division of Administration is committed to providing support to all Redding-based employees enabling them to deliver a quality transportation system to the travelers of California. The employees within Administration continually demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness and honesty, inspiring confidence in everything they do for the staff located in Redding and for the public they serve.