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Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011

Contact: Public Information Officer Cathryne Bruce-Johnson

Phone: (619) 668-6670

Inspiration Point Memorials Find Home At Julian Church

SAN DIEGO – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announced today that Pastor Rick Hill of the Hillside Community Church in Julian has stepped forward and said he would like to see the memorials at nearby Inspiration Point relocated to his church property.

Caltrans received complaints from motorists earlier this summer that the memorials were erected without permit on state-owned property adjacent to State Route 79, just east of the town of Julian. Once made aware of the encroachment violation, Caltrans began working with community members to find a new home for the memorials. In the meantime, the memorials were tagged two weeks ago for removal and safe storage at a nearby facility. They are expected to be removed as maintenance crews become available.

Caltrans stated that during the past several weeks it has been in contact with the Julian Chamber of Commerce, as well as churches in the area to find a more appropriate and safe location for the memorials on private property. Pastor Hill said on Wednesday that his church would host the memorials.

"It has been our intent during the past several weeks to work with the community in an effort to relocate the memorials so there would be no future issues regarding encroachment," said Caltrans Information Officer Cathryne Bruce-Johnson.

"We are grateful that Pastor Hill stepped forward and made the offer. The next step will be for the pastor and his congregation to select the site and take ownership within the next month."

Bruce-Johnson added that encroachment violations are not uncommon along state property and don't always involve roadside memorials. They most often create unsafe situations for motorists.

"Because our crews cannot be at all places at all times, we often rely on motorists to let us know when possible encroachment violations take place. We then investigate and take action if needed," she said. "This includes removing business advertising, political signs and personal message banners, to name a few."

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