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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contact: Public Information Officer Hayden Manning

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Caltrans Promotes Move Over Law Campaign

SAN DIEGO – Transportation officials met today to kickoff a public awareness campaign aimed at keeping highway workers and motorists safe through the highway work zone.

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District Director Laurie Berman told reporters that the campaign will focus on educating motorists about the state’s Move Over Law.  The Department will make use of messages on electronic roadside signs as well as billboards and informational materials distributed through various public agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Nothing is more important to me than the safety of our workers and the motoring public,” said Berman during the news conference today at the Sunbeam Rest Area on Interstate 8, just west of El Centro. 

California’s Move Over Law was enacted two years ago, and requires motorists to slow down and safely move over a lane, away from upcoming amber flashing lights and highway construction or maintenance.

Earlier this month, Caltrans activated 700 Changeable Message Signs (CMS) statewide with the new Move Over message, “Slow or Move Over for Workers, It’s the Law.” 

“The law includes all emergency vehicles displaying flashing amber warning lights including tow trucks and Caltrans vehicles,” said California Highway Patrol El Centro Area Commander, Capt. Ben Nocon.  “Your first thought should be to make a safe lane change into an available lane".

Highway Worker Jaime Obeso was killed in the line of duty on June 2 while working adjacent to the Sun Beam Rest Area on Interstate 8.  Mr. Obeso, 53, started his state career with Caltrans nearly 22 years ago.  The driver of the vehicle suspected in the incident is awaiting trial.

Caltrans has developed several safety strategies and implemented a few of them, including safety meetings for highway workers each morning. 

The Department is also redirecting funding to increase lighting for worker safety during night construction.  In an effort to assist the motoring public there will be an increasing number of truck arrow boards and CMS to notify that there is work ahead. 

Attached in this news release is a video public service announcement that can run on any media outlet statewide.

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