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805 South Bound
Dec 04 '16 20:24:45
Caltrans - District 11 Map
S/O 5/805 Split66 mph
N/O Sorrento Valley Rd72 mph
HOV Off ramp to Carrol Cynno data
HOV Off ramp to Carrol Cynno data
Sorrento Valley Rd62 mph
N/O La Jolla Village Dr67 mph
La Jolla Village Dr/Miramar Rd67 mph
Nobel Dr65 mph
Governor Dr69 mph
N/O 5262 mph
Clairemont Mesa Blvd66 mph
N/O Balboa Ave69 mph
Balboa Ave75 mph
S/O Balboa Ave65 mph
N/O 16372 mph
16369 mph
Mesa College Dr68 mph
N/O Mesa College Dr66 mph
S/O Mesa College Dr67 mph
N/O Murray Ridge Rd69 mph
S/O Murray Ridge Rd68 mph
N/O 865 mph
S/O 867 mph
N/O El Cajon Blvd75 mph
El Cajon Blvd.66 mph
N/O University Ave65 mph
University Ave.69 mph
N/O 1571 mph
1571 mph
S/O 1575 mph
Home Ave70 mph
Market St65 mph
Imperial Ave71 mph
47th St75 mph
Division St72 mph
S/O Plaza Blvd69 mph
N/O 5471 mph
Sweetwater Rd/30th St75 mph
N/O Bonita Rd/ E St68 mph
S/O Bonita Rd / E St62 mph
H St65 mph
S/O H St62 mph
L St/Telegraph Canyon Rd66 mph
N/O Palomar70 mph
N/O Orange Ave/Olympic Pkwy69 mph
S/O Orange Ave/Olympic Pkwy72 mph
Main St70 mph
Palm Ave54 mph
S/O Palm Ave65 mph
N/O 90569 mph
Beyer Blvd58 mph
N/O San Ysidro Bl69 mph