California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

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805 North Bound
Nov 19 '17 00:24:45
Caltrans - District 11 Map
S/O 5/805 Merge66 mph
Bypass S/O 5/805 Merge62 mph
S/O Bypass Lanes70 mph
Vista Sorrento Pkwy61 mph
HOV On from Carroll Cyn Rd DARno data
805 NB HOV Off to Carroll Cyn Rd DARno data
La Jolla Village Dr/Miramar Rd70 mph
Nobel Dr69 mph
Governor Dr72 mph
N/O 5271 mph
Clairemont Mesa Blvd67 mph
N/O Balboa Ave75 mph
N/O Balboa Ave71 mph
Balboa Ave75 mph
S/O Balboa Ave72 mph
N/O 16368 mph
N/O Mesa College Dr69 mph
Mesa College Dr75 mph
S/O Mesa College Dr70 mph
N/O Murray Ridge Rd69 mph
S/O Murray Ridge Rd66 mph
N/O 861 mph
S/O 875 mph
N/O El Cajon Blvd75 mph
El Cajon Blvd60 mph
N/O University Ave63 mph
University Ave62 mph
N/O 1573 mph
1575 mph
S/O 1569 mph
Home Ave71 mph
Market St65 mph
Imperial Ave72 mph
47th St75 mph
NB @ Division St63 mph
Plaza Blvd69 mph
S/O Plaza Blvd43 mph
N/O 5475 mph
S/O Sweetwater Rd75 mph
N/O Bonita Rd/E St.73 mph
E St/Bonita Rd68 mph
H St WB to 805 NB75 mph
S/O H St71 mph
L St/Telegraph Cyn Rd73 mph
N/O Palomar67 mph
N/O Orange Ave/Olympic Pkwy70 mph
S/O Orange Ave/Olympic Pkwy68 mph
Main St66 mph
Palm Ave64 mph
805 SB .5 Mi N/O 90570 mph
S/O Palm Ave69 mph
N/O 90569 mph
N/O San Ysidro Blvdno data
Beyer Blvd75 mph
N/O Camino de la Plaza73 mph
N/O 5/ 805 Split63 mph