California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

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52 East Bound
Jul 28 '17 05:56:17
Caltrans - District 11 Map
E/O 5no data
Regents Rd69 mph
Genessee Ave67 mph
W/O 805no data
52 EB @ 805no data
E/O Rte 80575 mph
Convoy St55 mph
W/O 163no data
W/O 1566 mph
0.5 Mi E/O I-15no data
W/O Santo Rdno data
Santo Rdno data
E/O Santo Rdno data
E/O Santo Rdno data
3.25 Mi W/O Mast Blvdno data
1.5 Mi E/O Santo Rdno data
2.0 Mi E/O Santo Rd54 mph
2 mi W/O Mast Blvd67 mph
52 EB 1.5 Mi W/O Mast Blvd66 mph
1 mi W/O Mast Blvd65 mph
W/O Mast Blno data
Mast Blvd75 mph
W/O 12570 mph
Fanita Dr58 mph
E/O Fanita Dr64 mph
W/O Cuyamaca St49 mph
E/O Cuyamaca St60 mph
W/O 6758 mph