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West B 94 @ Lemon Av.
WHY WE METER THE FREEWAYS Metering is a low cost way to improve traffic flow on freeways. The meter allows traffic to enter the freeway at rate dependent on the conditions of the freeway traffic. Motorists are often delayed at the meter, but freeway speeds and overall travel times are improved. Caltrans meters westbound SR-94 where it connects with SR-125. The graph on the top shows the speeds and volumes recorded on Feb. 1, 1999 on westbound SR-94 at Lemon Grove Ave. Notice that the speeds are uniform at approximately 60 miles per hour. That is typical for that location during the morning commute period.
West Bnd 94 @ lemon Ave.
On February 2nd, 1999 the meter from westbound SR-94 at SR-125 was not functioning. The second graph shows the traffic volumes and speeds for that morning. Without the meter functioning, speeds slowed to below 30 miles per hour for 1.15 hrs.