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Questions and Answers

1. What is the beginning date for construction?

A. Work resumed on Monday, March 17, 2008, after the project was placed on winter suspension.

2. What is the proposed date for completion?

A. The State Route 4 (SR-4) Angels Camp Bypass project is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2010.

3. What is the length of the bypass route?

A. The SR-4 Angels Camp Bypass project will run a little over two miles in length. It will go from the north junction of SR-4 and State Route 49 (SR-49) to a point of SR-4 approximately 0.6 miles east of Rolleri Bypass Road.

4. What is the total cost for the construction?

A. The total cost of construction for the SR-4 Angels Camp Bypass project is $61.5 million. It is partially being funded by Proposition 1B.

5. What are the hours of construction?

A. The hours of construction on this project will be Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

6. Is there a penalty if a contractor does not pick up on time?

A. Yes, there is a penalty if the contractor does not pick up on time. They will not be allowed to close any lane for next two days to prevent a reoccurrence and the problem will need to be discussed and resolved.

7. Will State Route 4 or State Route 49 be completely closed?

A. No. State Route 4 and State Route 49 are not scheduled to be completely closed for the construction of the bypass.

8. Will there be advanced notification for lane shifts and ramp closures?

A. Yes. Press releases to the local media will be done prior to closures and lane shifts. Closures will have advance signing to let motorists know o the planned closure. Information for lane shifts and ramp closures will be posted on the Caltrans website (www.dot.ca.gov/dist10), under the Road and Traffic Report link.

9. Will Caltrans give a public notice via Angels Camp TV?

A. Caltrans will be happy to give a public notice to Angels Camp TV for mass distribution.

10. Will Caltrans inform affected bordering neighborhoods when any loud work is going to take place?

A. Any construction of this size can be loud. Caltrans will provide notice to those neighborhoods that may be affected by any loud construction work.

11. Could bridge or widening work be done during the day? Pile driving might be better during the day.

A. Yes, bridge work can be done during the day. Notice will be given to those neighborhoods that may be affected.

12. Will Caltrans make presentations to the public?

A. Certainly and if requested, Caltrans will be available for additional public presentations or meeting.

13. Will information be displayed on the overhead Changeable Message Signs?

A. Yes. Changeable Message Signs will be used to display information from time to time when ever required.

14. If detours are needed – will Caltrans work with the City of Angels Camp to coordinate the detour? (If the detour is going through the city, does the city need a detour plan?)

A. Yes, Caltrans will work with the City of Angels Camp. If detours are need within the city’s Right of Way, the City of Angels Camp will be contacted prior to any work being done. The current work scheduled in the City of Angels Camp includes Murphys Grade Road. This will require a one week detour. Whenever a detour is planned, a Changeable Message Sign will be placed on the roadway a week in advance.

15. Is Caltrans planning to use city streets for detours? What is the time frame for lane closures? What will the amount of time per closure be?

A. No. The city streets of Angels Camp will not be used for detours.

16. If Caltrans closes a county road, will Caltrans be working with the county to coordinate the closure?

A. Caltrans does not plant to close County roads during the construction of this project.

17. Is Caltrans closing any city roads?

A. Caltrans does not plant to close City roads during the construction of this project.

18. Who is the Contractor?

A. The contractor for this project is Teichert Construction Inc.

19. What equipment will be used for construction?

A. Heavy construction equipment normally used like cranes, excavators, track & wheel dozers, dumpers, different type trucks, rollers and water trucks.

20. What manpower will be working on this job?

A. The manpower working on this job include general labors, truck drivers, crane operators, dump truck drivers, etc.

21. Are there any special challenges in construction on this site?

A. Yes when you are dealing with construction on virgin land there are often many challenges that can occur. For instance, we don’t know what is in the soil, as the excavating begins construction crews could find numerous boulders and rocks that need to be removed.

22. Will construction be performed in stages starting on both sides of the bypass?

A. Construction will be continuous. Activities will be going on consecutively from the junction of SR-4/SR-49 to 0.6 miles east of Rolleri Bypass Road.

23. What is the estimate for necessary materials (concrete, steel, gravel, etc.)?

A. The approximate quantities are (a) Asphalt Concrete – 25,000 metric tons, (b). Cement Concrete – 7,000 cubic meters, (c). Gravel – 15,000 cubic meters, (d). Steel – 950,000 kilograms