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Construction Checklist

Projected Construction Schedule


Roadway Work To Be Done

The basic operations for this project are clear & grubbing, duff collection, drainage systems, construction of embankments, roadway excavation and placing of aggregates base and asphalt concrete etc. The contractor is going to work from West (Interchange Highways 4 & 49) to East ( Intersection of old and new Highway 4). After clearing & grubbing and duff collection, all most all the operations will be running simultaneously as the contractor's operations would be leap frogging throughout the two mile length of the project. The estimated completion of this project is August 31, 2010.


There will be four bridges built for this project. They will be: (a) at Gardner crossing, (b) at Murphys crossing, (c) at Penstock (aqueduct) and (d) at Angels Creek crossing. Abutment embankment fills will be constructed from the beginning of the work. It will progress at Penstock, then Angels Creek, then Gardner Lane, then Murphy’s grade. The CIDH pile installation will follow each of those embankments being completed. A week in advance the locals will be informed of the timing of the pile driving. The contractor anticipates finishing CIDH piles in November of 2008. Falsework construction is expected at Penstock starting in Aug. of 2008, then at Gardner Lane in Dec. of 2008, then at Murphys Grade in Feb. 2009 and finally at Angels Creek in June of 2009. The deck pours should commence approximately 4 months after each set of falsework is completed. All bridges are likely to be ready by December 31, 2009.