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Watch for Hail - Winter Weather Driving Tips from Caltrans, NOAA, and CHP

Watch for Hail. 
Slow Down! Hail covered roads can be very icy.
Driving on a hail covered road:
Ease off the gas pedal.
Do not slam on the brakes.
Avoid overcorrecting.

Watch for Hail

NOAA's National Weather Service, California Highway Patrol, and Caltrans want you to be aware of the driving hazard that hail storms can cause. Roadways can become icy and slick very quickly! When you start to see hail, ease off of your gas pedal and slow down. Don't slam on your brakes, or you could lose control of your vehicle. If you start to slide, don't overcorrect by turning your steering wheel really hard in either direction. Instead, turn your steering wheel in the direction the rear of your car is traveling to regain control of your vehicle. And, remember that your car's headlights need to be on whenever your windshield wipers are on - it's the law. For current highway conditions, please call 1-800-427-7623 or visit


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