California Department of Transportation

Eureka-Arcata Route 101 Corridor Improvement - Purpose and Need

The project is needed to address the following concerns:

  • Uncontrolled vehicle crossing movements at median openings, which has led to past high collision rates as compared to similar facilities and predicted future collisions at access roads within the Route 101 corridor.
  • Increased delays for turning and merge movements at intersecting access points within the corridor.
  • The existing Route 101/255 interchange ramps and acceleration/deceleration lanes within the project limits do not meet current design standards; the pavement is also deteriorating.
  • Objects within the roadway clear recovery zone*; the existing bridge rails are nonstandard; overhead roadway lighting needs to be relocated/replaced to conform to current highway design standards; and the existing tide gates adjacent to the roadway are deteriorating.

*Any fixed object too close to the edge of the traveled way can pose potential hazards for errant vehicles or vehicles making emergency maneuvers. Removing or shielding fixed objects that are within 9 meters or 30 feet from the edge of the traveled way, the clear recovery zone, would enhance safety.