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Procedure for Workload Prioritization

The Lab Lead Worker is responsible for prioritizing Laboratory workflow, according to the following following:

1.Emergency response (e.g., storm damage, earthquake or bridge collapse)

2.Construction materials testing (e.g., street samples, job mix formula verification, start up evaluation, etc.)

3.Quality assurance testing (IA, proficiency testing, etc.)

4.Soils resistivity/pH

5.Coring services for deflection studies (for Advanced Planning or Design)

6.Coring services (other)

7.Other testing/special projects

Materials received for testing within each category above are tested in the order received (first-come first-served).
To ensure fairness and consistency, it is Laboratory policy to follow the priority list to the extent practicable.

Procedure for Requesting Expedited Testing

1.Contact the Lab Lead Worker at (707) 445-6353 and request expedited service.

2.Explain the reason for the expedited service request.

3.The Lab Lead Worker will review the Lab workload and will decide whether or not to grant the expedited service request, considering the following factors:

  • The need by the requestor
  • The difference between the requested expedited time and standard turnaround time.
  • The impact on other requests.

4.The Lab Lead Worker communicates the decision to the requestor.

5.If the requestor disagrees with the Lab Lead Worker’s decision, the requestor may appeal to the District Materials Engineer.