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Process for Correcting Incomplete TL-101 and/or Sample Submissions



The District 1 Materials Laboratory policy requires submitted samples and/or TL-0101's comply with the Construction Manual requirements.  When a submitted sample or the accompanying TL-0101 does not meet the requirements of the Construction Manual, the Lab and Construction personnel will work together to attempt a resolution.

The Construction Manual requires information in every blank space of the TL-101.  Furthermore, specific information is often required for specific types of samples.


When a submitted sample and/or the accompanying TL-101 does not meet the requirements of the Construction Manual, the following procedures will govern the process for an attempted resolution:

1.Upon receipt of a sample from Construction, the Lab will review the sample and the TL-101.

2.If the sample is of the incorrect type, there is an inadequate volume of sample, or there is missing or illegible information on the TL-101 (any of these is a “discrepancy”), the person reviewing the sample and TL-101 will:

  • Log the samples in the Lab’s receiving book.
  • Put the samples in the Lab’s Quarantine Area, where they will remain until the discrepancy is resolved.
  • Notify the Lab Lead Worker.

3.The Lab Lead Worker, at (707) 445-6353, will notify the Resident Engineer of the discrepancy and request that the discrepancy be remedied.

4.If the R. E. does not respond within 10 calendar days, the sample will be disposed without further notice.

5.If the R. E. responds, but does not immediately resolve the discrepancy, the R. E. will have 10 calendar days (from the date of the response) to resolve the discrepancy.  If, at the end of 10 calendar days, the discrepancy is not resolved, the Lab Lead Worker will contact the R. E. with a reminder, and the R. E. will have an additional 10 calendar days to resolve the discrepancy.  If there is no resolution after the second 10-calendar-day period, the samples will be disposed without further notice.  No more than 30 calendar days will transpire between the original submission and the final determination.

6.When the discrepancy has been resolved, the sample will be removed from the Quarantine Area, tested and reported within the prescribed Turn Around Time.