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For Caltrans Qualification of Laboratories and Testers

The purpose of the Independent Assurance Program (IAP) is to provide departmental guidelines for the Independent Assurance requirements on roadway construction projects. The IAP Manual, available from any IAP Staff, outlines the procedures and roles for statewide uniformity in certification of Independent Assurance staff, Caltrans Qualification of Testers, test equipment calibration, and management of related records.

Statewide Independent Assurance Personnel Contact List

District 01 Master List of Caltrans Qualified Testers

Independent Assurance Manual (PDF 2.2M)

The Independent Assurance Manual replaces the "Quality Assurance Program Manual" (1994).

Regulatory Requirements

The implementation and enforcement of the Independent Assurance Program (IAP), in conjunction with the Construction Program, ensures that the Department is in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Federal Aid Policy Guide, 23 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 637, which requires that each State Highway Agency (SHA) develop and adhere to a quality assurance program. This program together with a rigorous quality assurance inspection, sampling, and testing program ensures that the materials and workmanship incorporated into each Caltrans and National Highway System (NHS) construction project are in conformity with the requirements of the approved plans and specifications. See appendix D of the IAP Manual for the complete text of 23 CFR Part 637.

District 01 IAP Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Maintain an adequate staff to administer the IA Program at the District level
  2. Maintain a secure IA location for confidential records and materials
  3. Qualify, re-qualify and disqualify Caltrans, Public Agency, and Private Sector Testers
  4. Qualify, re-qualify and disqualify Caltrans, Public Agency, and Private Sector Laboratories
  5. Maintain records and files in accordance with the IAP Manual

IAP Staff

(707) 445-6375