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Information required for Culvert Study Reports


Culvert Study Memo (PDF 198K)

Culvert Study Report form (DOC 27K)

Culvert inspection and sampling is normally performed during winter when stream flows are greater. Lead-time for field inspection, sampling, lab testing and final recommendation must be taken into account when requesting a culvert study report.

Contact (707) 445-6355

Required Information:

  1. Route, post mile, and E.A. for each culvert
  2. The type of project this report is requested for, i.e. culvert rehab, CAPM, 3R, new construction, etc.
  3. The phase that this project is in, as well as the stage; whether it is a Preliminary Study, PSSR or Project Report. Please provide the PS&E date and Circulation date.
  4. Indicate if this project incorporates any other projects in design, if it supercedes any other project, or if it adjoins other projects. Also indicate future plans for improvements (i.e. widening).
  5. Please provide a list of culverts that have been Field Reviewed by the Design Branch. Include post mile, description, and indicate if cleaning is required.