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Checklist for Structural Section Recomendation

bay bridge

Structural Section Determination Request Form

Contact (707) 445-6355 or 445-6386.

  • Identify the type of project and what stage it is in. (i.e. RRR in PSSR)
  • Indicate if the project adjoins or incorporates any other project.
  • Provide preliminary plans and cross sections. Red-mark a plan of the existing route, showing the improvements planned.
  • Provide an accurate written description of the scope of the proposed project. Include all components such as maintenance vehicle turnouts, features to be upgraded, added or removed, ramps to be incorporated or excluded, etc.
  • Include a comprehensive statement of all the information our branch is to provide.
  • Provide limits of any area where the existing elevations must be held, i.e. overcrossings with minimal clearance. Include any other design considerations that would affect grade, alignment and/or construct ability.
  • Provide necessary TI's. 5 year TI for CAPM projects, 10 year TI for Rehab projects, 20 year TI for New Construction and a 20, 30 and 40 year TI for Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).
  • Traffic Data Requests may be made to the Office of Travel Forecasting and Modeling at and or (530) 634-7618 fax (530)741-5346.
  • Provide all available As-Builts for the roadway structural section.
  • If a culvert study is requested, provide a field location list of all culverts that have been recovered by the design branch. Include post mile, description, and if cleaning is required. Include a layout highlighting the culverts.