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MPQP (Material Plant Quality Program)

HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) Hot Plant

and PCC Plant Certification

Formerly CT 109


Please make all requests for certification at least 72 hours in advance

California Certified traceable masses shall be present with enough mass to prove the scales. The county weights and measures person may be contacted to prove the scales for the county at the same time.

All weighing devices i.e., truck scales, weigh bridges, hopper scales, etc., shall be mounted on concrete slabs or steel plates per Caltrans specifications.

All safety guards, rails, fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and other implements shall be in place and functioning per Caltrans specifications.

Specific requirements for California Test Method 109 as found in the California Test Methods.

New Section 39 Material Plant Qualification Program (MPQP)

2017 Statewide MPQP Contact List

Local Contact

(707) 445-6375 or 445-6374