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Good News

Kudos from a Ventura Citizen and from the City of Bell   POSTED: 07/2013
Accoclades to District 7 staff have recently arrived from many sources. Here are a few...
Accolades from the International Partnering Institute  POSTED: 07/2013
The ExpressLanes Project Team won the 2013 Partnering Project of the Year Award
Thank you Letter to Patty Robitaille.  POSTED: 08/2009
A kudos letter from a thankful citizen who was recently helped by our Maintenance North Region Office Technician, Patty Robitaille.

Dear Mr. Wagner,

I am sending this email to praise and commend the fine work done by your employee "Patty."  AFter several phone calls and follow up by her on my request, I asked for the email address of her supervisor specifically to let you and your agency know what a fine and courteous job she is doing. 

We noticed on the freeway by the cul de sac near our home an enormous bee hive and swarms (2 1/2 feet long and 1 1/2 feet in diameter.  Because some of the neighbors are allergic to bees and there are young children, I tried to contact someone in the City of Los Angeles-they passed the buck to Vector control but had no number to offer--just said  "look it up."  I then called Vector Control and they said they no longer handled it and had no suggestions and did not try to assist me in knowing where to go.  Finally a third call found Patty who told me it was handled by LA county agriculture.  I did not know of such an agency, she found the number contacted the people and even requested that they contact me to let me know of action taken.  Today I got a call from a "Mike" who was astrounded at the size of the hive, and they took care of it.

One person, courteous, pleasant with a "can do" attitude makes such a difference in this world.  You have one and I believe she should be recognized and commended for her conscientious and effective work.

Thank you,

Dr. George Patterson

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