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District Management Biographies

District 7 Executive Organizational Chart (PDF)
District Director

As Director of the California Department of Transportation District 7 (Los Angeles and Ventura counties), Bowen is responsible for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the State freeway and highway system in the region. She oversees a construction program of more than $1 billion, a system that handles more than 100 million vehicl...  [ More }

Chief Deputy District Director, District 7

As Caltrans District 7 Chief Deputy District Director, Shirley Choate is responsible for assisting the District Director in ensuring the sustainability and livability of the State freeway and highway system in Los Angeles and Ventura counties through planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Choate is also responsible for the oversight ...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Construction

As Deputy District Director for the California Department of Transportation, District 7 (Los Angeles and Ventura counties), Mr. Archuleta is responsible for managing and overseeing the work of over 325 employees who are administering a $2.3 billion construction program in District 7. He has been in this position since spring 2013.

Prior ...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Design

Jerrel Kam is the District 7 Deputy District Director of Design responsible for the planning and management of the District’s highway design program within the boundaries of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. He is responsible for the work of over 300 employees in the development of plans, specifications, estimates, and design oversight for...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Environmental Planning

As Deputy District Director for Environmental Planning, Mr. Kosinski has provided valuable environmentally oriented leadership to the agency for more than four decades. He credits the dedication, knowledge and skills of his staff in responding to public guidance and moving mobility improvements through the environmental process.

In his c...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Administration

A native Californian, Duncan McIntosh was appointed the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 7 Deputy District Director for Administration on January 1, 2009. This position oversees several areas of District business operations, including Budgets, Business Management and Skills Development.

...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Right Of Way

Andrew P. Nierenberg, District 7 Deputy District Director of Right Way, serves as the single focal point for Right of Way activities in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

As the Deputy District Director of Right of Way, Mr. Nierenberg is responsible for the appraisal and acquisition of real property for transportation projects, as
...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of External Affairs

Blanca Rodriguez is the Caltrans District 7 Deputy District Director of the External Affairs Division responsible for the offices of Media Relations and Public Affairs, Governmental and Legislative Affairs, Equal Employment Opportunity Program, and Graphics Services. The Division is responsible for the Small Business Outreach...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Planning

Gary Slater was appointed as District 7 Deputy District Director for the Division of Transportation Planning and Local Assistance in May 2015. Mr. Slater works with regional partners, elected officials, stakeholders and the public to articulate the vision of transportation while laying the groundwork for project development and guiding transport...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Program/Project Management

The Deputy District 7 Director for Program/Project Management (PPM), also known as the Single Focal Point (SFP), is responsible for the District's capital project delivery and the Capital Outlay Support (COS) program. The SFP oversees 77 staff in the following areas: program management, project management, consultant services, cooperative agreem...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Maintenance

As Deputy Director of Maintenance, Ms. Deborah Wong, P.E., oversees a division of 1,100 people responsible for the care and upkeep of District 7's highway and freeways, including everything from pavement patching and vegetation control to rock blasting and sinkhole repair. The division works around the clock to protect taxpayers' investment in t...  [ More }

Deputy District Director of Operations

Mr. Zaghari is responsible for traffic operations and safety of the 915 miles and 273 miles of the State Highway System in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, respectively. Under his leadership, he employs effective partnership and innovation strategies in traffic operations to embrace the region’s diverse natural setting...  [ More }

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