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Questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to construction activities or travel throughout District 5 can be directed to the Public Information Officer.

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California State Personnel Board
  Offers information regarding: Public Service Employment Opportunities, Exam Bulletins, Online Employment Applications and Forms, Benefits, "Web based Vacant Positions Database (WVPOS)", ...

Caltrans - Adopt-A-Highway Program
  "The Adopt-A-Highway program permits individuals, organizations and businesses to collect litter, remove graffiti, pay the maintenance costs for roadside rest areas and plant trees or wild flowers on State Highways."
    Contact Your Local Caltrans District Coordinator

Caltrans - Construction Program
  Includes the Caltrans Construction Manual and Statement of Going Contracts as well as information regarding: Advance Notice to Contractors/Sub Contractors, Partnering on Caltrans Projects, Electronic Submission of Extra Work Bills, ...

Caltrans - Contracts for Bid
  "This is the Department of Transportation, Service Contracts, web page. This page will allow you to select the type of contract you are interested in and allow you to download bid packages in each of the 19 various contract types."

Caltrans - Division of Design
  "The Division of Design provides the procedures, policy, standards, guidance, technical assistance, and training needed to facilitate California transportation improvements and system integrity" ...
  How Caltrans Builds Projects
    Caltrans, District 5 presentation on the "Project Development Process"

Caltrans - Email Address Book
  Search for a Caltrans Employee Email Address.

Caltrans - Engineering Service Center
  Includes Geometronics, Materials Engineering, Structures as well as Manuals & Guides for: Standard Plans, Photogrammetric Services, Structures Specifications (SSPs) and Staking Information, ...

Caltrans - Frequently Asked Questions
  "Often the information you are seeking has been requested before. Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" site to see if the answer to your question is waiting for you."

Caltrans - Maintenance Program
  Includes the Caltrans Maintenance Manual as well as information regarding: Reporting a Maintenance Related Problem, Adopt-A-Highway Program, Caltrans Auxiliary Radio system (CARS), ...

Caltrans - Office of Human Resources
  "Build your career with Caltrans, one of California's Largest employers." Includes information on How To Get a State Job, Benefits, Salaries, Current Job openings, Student and Volunteer Programs, ...

Caltrans - Publications
  Includes: Bikeway Planning & Design Standards, Construction Manual, Drafting And Plans-Metric, 1996, Encroachment Permits Manual, Funding Opportunites Guide Book, Safety Manual, ...

Caltrans - Right-of-Way Program
  Includes Acquisition and Condemnation, Appraisals, Airspace & Telecommunications Licensing, Outdoor Advertising, Property Management, Properties for Sales and Auctions, Right of Way Manual, ...

Caltrans - Traffic Operations Program
  Includes Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Development and Support, Traffic Safety, Traffic Operations Management Information System (Tomis), Encroachment Permits, Signs & Delineation, ...

  "The single place on the Internet to get information on all of your transportation options in California." Information about schedules for many public transit systems, weather, highway information, ...

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