California Department of Transportation

Santa Barbara County


General County Contact
Hana Mengsteab
(805) 549-3130

Development Review Contact
Michael Hollier
(805) 549-3131

Local Assistance Contact
Heidi Borders
(805) 542-4690

SHOPP Contact
Jimmy Ochoa
(805) 549-3589

Jimmy Ochoa
(805) 549-3589


Local and Regional Planning Partners

Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) (what's this?)
Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG)

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) (what's this?)
Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG)

Overall Work Program (OWP)

Santa Barbara County


State Highway Planning Documents

These documents articulate Caltrans’ long-range plans for each state route in Santa Barbara County. More information

Transportation Planning Fact Sheets are succinct and frequently updated documents that summarize statistics, and characteristics for State highways and State highway segments based off of Transportation Concept Reports (TCRs). TCR's are documents that establish a 20-year planning concept for each State highway through identifying deficiencies and analyzing current and projected operating conditions for the facility. Transporation Concept Reports / Fact Sheets are available for the following routes in Santa Barbara County.

Corridor System Management Plans (CSMPs)
CSMPs provide for the integrated management of travel modes and roadways so as to facilitate the efficient and effective mobility of people and goods within California's most congested transportation corridors. Each CSMP presents an analysis of existing and future traffic conditions and proposes traffic management strategies and transportation improvements to maintain and enhance mobility. CSMP's will address State Highways, local roadways, transit, and other transportation modes.

District System Management Plan (DSMP)
The DSMP is a strategic and policy planning document detailing how the District envisions the transportation system will be maintained, managed and developed during the next 20 years.

Last updated: November 14, 2016