California Department of Transportation

Intergovernmental and Local Development Review (IGR)

The Intergovernmental and Local Development Review (IGR) Program is essential to the Department’s stewardship of the state transportation system. It allows the Department to review, comment and recommend mitigation measures on local plans, programs, and development proposals that have potential impacts on the state transportation system. IGR is one of the basic transportation planning activities that works to include transportation considerations in land use decisions.

District 5 IGR Program Coordinators are designated as the single point of contact for the review of local and regional project development proposals and environmental planning documents. They are responsible for ensuring that transportation impacts resulting from land use development are either eliminated or reduced to a level of insignificance. The mandate for this program is rooted within State and Federal law.

IGR Program Coordinators provide consultation during meetings and/or hearings that may include local City Councils, Planning Commissions, and County Boards of Supervisors. Early consultation with local lead agencies during the planning process of proposed developments results in less costly and often more environmentally sensitive traffic impact mitigation measures.

Documents that IGR Coordinators routinely review include:

  • New Project Referrals
  • Traffic Studies (excluding EIRs and other CEQA documents)
  • Site Plans, Tentative Maps, Conditional Use Permits (CUPs)
  • Application for Certification AFCs (California Energy Commission)
  • CEQA Documents (Initial studies, Negative Declarations (ND), Notice of preparations (NOP), Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)
  • Federal Environmental Documents (Environmental Assessment (EA), Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI), Notice of Intent (NOI), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

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Last updated: September 12, 2017