California Department of Transportation

Welcome to District 5 - Maintenance and Operations

Picture along Highway 9 in Santa Cruz County  

Maintenance is "... the preservation, upkeep, and restoration of the roadway structures as nearly as possible in the condition in which they have been constructed. "Roadway structures" includes highways, toll bridges and appurtenant facilities. "Maintenance" also includes the operation of highway facilities and services to provide satisfactory and safe highway transportation."

Caltrans Maintenance Manual, section 1.01.

Traffic Operations is "... the review and issuance of encroachment permits, development of strategies for the safe and efficient operation of the Districts state highway system, investigate accidents for possible corrective measures, review and approve planned road closures, review and approve new and existing road signs, and operate traffic signals and lighting."

HQ - Division of Traffic Operations

The Maintenance and Operations Division in District 5 is responsible for:

  • Maintain roadbed and roadside
  • Emergency response
  • Maintain/repair elecrical devices (traffic signals, message signs, etc.)
  • Maintain/repair maintenance stations and safety roadside rests
  • Traffic engineering, safety and investigations
  • Enchroachment permits
  • Signal operations
  • Adopt-A-Highway program
  • Delegated maintenance program
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Level of service program
  • Traffic operations
  • Traffic management
  • Pavement management
  • Rest Area Notifications
Last updated: October 14, 2016