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Questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to construction activities or travel throughout District 5 can be directed to the Public Information Officer.

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Local Departments

Central Region - Airspace Wireless Program
  • Provides a method to transport data that will improve the public's ability to communicate.
  • Utilizes Caltrans owned assets to establish a high tech network for communications.
  • Generates revenue by licensing wireless facilities
Central Region - Construction Program
  A place for bidder's to submit and view response's to questions in regards to the Central Region Construction Program as well as links to Planned Lane Closures, Contract Bid Information, On Going Contracts, ...
Encroachment Permits
  Look here for information on how to obtain a permit for special events or construction that may affect state property. Also, you will find information about Transportation Permits for the movement of vehicles and loads exceeding legal limitations on the size, weight, and loading of vehicles.
Local Assistance

The District's Local Assistance branch works with the Regional Transportation Agencies for each county and serves as the contact for local agencies; helping them with their federal or state funded projects.

The District 5 Local Assistance Page offers links to Caltrans' Headquarters Office of Local Programs which assists local agencies in taking advantage of Transportation Funding Opportunities.

Maintenance and Operations

Provides information regarding the Adopt-A-Highway program, maintenance of the roadbed, roadside and landscape, the "Integrated Vegetation Management" program, traffic operations, traffic managemen, traffic engineering, safety and investigations.

Traffic Safety and Operations

Includes District 5 Postmile Book and Safety Corridor information.

Transportation and Environmental Planning

Bike Maps
Environmental Assessments & Initial Studies
Intelligent Transportion Systems (ITS)
Park and Ride Lots
Rideshare Programs

as well as links to Local Transportation Websites, ...

Last updated: March 13, 2013