Office of Project Support

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The Office of Project Support is made up of various Division of Design functions, including Cost Estimating, Route Matters and Freeway Agreements, and Resolutions of Necessity, which culls guidance from numerous sources including Design Information Bulletins (DIBs), the Highway Design Manual (HDM), and the Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM).

Cost Estimating Improvements

The Cost Estimating program is a collection of policy, tools, guidance, training, best practices and lessons learned being made available to assist in the development of cost estimates that are complete and accurate, reflecting the true scope of work to be performed and reflecting current market trends.

Route Matters and Freeway Agreements

The Caltrans Route Matters policy, which includes route adoptions, transfer of highway locations, redesignations, rescissions, relinquishments, and access control modifications is presented below. Caltrans' Freeway Agreement policy, which also applies to Controlled Access Highway Agreements is also presented below. Sample Route Matter and Freeway Agreement exhibits can be found in the Plans Preparation Manual (PPM).

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