Office of Performance Management

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"Quality First"

The Office of Performance Management develops and implements performance and quality management systems for design products:

  • Implement Quality Management System (QMS)

    Quality Pyramid

    The DOD journey towards quality management began in 2007 with the Framework for Independent Quality Assurance for Design Products. Development of the concepts outlined in the Framework led to several pilot efforts to refine the concept, the process and the tools necessary for a QMS. The pilot efforts have involved over 30 projects at various stages of the project development process. At least one project from each of the 12 Caltrans Districts has been involved. There is another pilot effort underway now to further develop the depth of the QMS at the project level.

    DOD is working towards a Project Delivery Directive that will establish 12 performance characteristics that will define quality expectations for Design products. Supporting this policy will be a Design Product Evaluation Criteria Handbook and associated changes to the Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM).

    Mary Beth Herritt
    Chief, Office of Performance Management

  • Conduct process reviews and implement continuous improvement.
  • Develop and circulate a statewide report card that compares performance measure relative to compliance to Policy, Standards and Procedures.
  • Develop a training plan that addresses known issues with meeting quality and delivery.
  • Partner with Division of Construction and others to develop Performance Measures for the Department
  • A&E Services On-Call Contract


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