Fish Passage Design for Roadway Crossings

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Caltrans Fish Passage design guidance

This guide is intended to provide detailed instructions to assist designers in generating projects that will acheive resource agency goals for fish passage within a state highway project context.

Developed in conformance with both state (California Department of Fish and Game [CDFG]) and Federal (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] Fisheries Service, Southwest Region) criteria, "Fish Passage Design for Road Crossings" provides worksheets, flow charts, design examples and other design aids to assist the designer in achieving permit achievable projects.

In addition to the Caltrans’ Fish Passage for Road Crossings guidance document, California Fish & Wildlife’s (CFW) Part XII: Fish Passage Design and Implementation document, CFW’s Culvert Criteria for Fish Passage, and NOAA Fisheries Service Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings document, should all be used in the design and development of Caltrans’ fish passage projects.

For any questions regarding this guide please contact, Office of Hydraulics and Stormwater Design at (916) 653-1302.

Fish Passage Design for Roadway Crossings Table of Contents
Description PDF Version
Cover and Table of Contents Cover and TOC
Foreword and Introduction Chapter 1
Fish Passage Considerations for Road Crossing Design Chapter 2
Fish Passage Design Elements Chapter 3
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Active Channel Design Option or Low-Slope CDFG Design Option Chapter 4
Stream Simulation Design Option Update! Chapter 5
Hydraulic Design Option For New Culverts Chapter 6
Culvert Retrofit Design Chapter 7
Grade Control Design Chapter 8
Fishways Chapter 9
References Chapter 10
Description PDF Version
Glossary Appendix A
CDFG Culvert Criteria For Fish Passage Appendix B
NOAA Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings Appendix C
Caltrans Fish Passage Design Forms Update! Appendix D
Fish Passage Flows Appendix E
Hydraulics of Baffles Update! Appendix F
Baffle Sample Calculations and Structural Details Appendix G
Design Example - Active Channel Design Option Appendix H
Design Example - Hydraulic Design Option Appendix I
Design Example - Hydraulic Baffle Design Option (Rehabilitate Culvert with Baffle) Appendix J
Design Example - Hydraulic Rock Weir Design Option (Rehabilitate Structure with Rock Weir) Appendix K
Design Example - Stream Simulation Design Option Update! Appendix L
Construction Considerations Appendix M
Rock Weir Design Update! Appendix N
Rock Weir and Associated Materials, Non-Standard Update! Appendix O