Construction Site BMPs (Specifications, Standard Plans, and Guidance)

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Section 13 of the 2010 Standard Specifications contains the majority of stormwater and  water pollution control specifications used by Caltrans.  There is a limited set of Standard Special Provisions (SSPs) to modify the Standards. Occasionally, there is a need to modify the Standards and SSPs using a Non-Standard Special Provision (NSSP) by editing beyond what is allowed in the instructions.  NSSPs must be cleared through the Office of Hydraulics and Stormwater Design unless a different owner is noted. The Office of Hydrualics and Stormwater Design has some NSSPs for the less common and rarely used BMPs so contact the Office of Hydraulics and Stormwater Design before creating a new specification.

The Standards, SSPs, and other related information such as Standard Plans and Contract Bid Items can be obtained from the Office of Construction Contract Standards (OCCS) at:

The Standards are updated on a regular basis using Revised Standard Specification (RSS) that exists as a separate document. A useful tool for reviewing specifications is “Standard Specifications with RSS” that is occasionally available from the OCCS website.

Another useful tool on the OCCS website is the “2010 Standard Special Provisions Index”. It lists the available SSPs along with a description and link for downloading.


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