Filing a Damage Claim Against Caltrans

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Claims for $10,000 or less
If your claim is for over $10,000, click here

If your claim is for death or personal injury, or for injury to personal property or growing crops, which you believe was caused by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the amount of your claim is $10,000 or less, you may file your claim directly with Caltrans. No filing fee is required for claims filed with Caltrans seeking $10,000 or less from Caltrans.

To present a claim for $10,000 or less, for death or personal injury, or for injury to personal property or growing crops, please fill out form LD-0274, Claim Against Department of Transportation for Amounts $10,000 or Less to file a claim against Caltrans. File the claim by sending the completed and signed original form with your supporting documents to the appropriate Caltrans District Claims Office. To determine the proper place to file your form, you must know the county in which your incident occurred. Each county is covered by a specific District Claims Office. The map below shows which District Claims Office covers which county. Clicking on the map will provide you with the address and telephone number of the corresponding District Claims Office.

View frequently asked questions about filing claims for $10,000 or less against Caltrans. Specific questions not covered can be directed to the District Claims Office for the county in which your damage occurred.

NOTE: If your claim is related to the provision of goods and/or services to Caltrans, with or without a contract, and seeks $10,000 or less, visit the claims website for the Division of Procurements and Contracts here. For these types of claims, you would use form ADM-3016 Equity Claims of $10,000 or Less (Other Than Employee Claims) to file a claim against Caltrans.

District Claims Office Addresses and Phone Numbers

District 1 | District 2 | District 3 | District 4 | District 5 | District 6

District 7 | District 8 | District 9 | District 10 | District 11 | District 12

Caltrans Districts Map - Claims Contacts

Click on the region where your incident occurred to contact the Regional Claims Office.

Caltrans District 1 Caltrans District 2 Caltrans District 3 Caltrans District 4 Caltrans District 5 Caltrans District 6 Caltrans District 7 Caltrans District 8 Caltrans District 9 Caltrans District 10 Caltrans District 11 Caltrans District 12

Claims for over $10,000

If your claim is for over $10,000 or concerns a different department or agency of the State of California, you must file a claim with the Government Claims Program. This program gives you the opportunity to formally demand compensation for your loss, and may lead to a settlement of your claim without the need to file a lawsuit. For more information about the Government Claims Program or to request a claim form, write to:

Government Claims Program for claims over $10,000

Mailing Address:

Government Claims Program
Office of Risk and Insurance Management
Department of General Services
P.O. Box 989052, MS 414
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9052

General Information:

Phone (toll-free): 1-800-955-0045

Statewide Alerts and Other Information

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