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Trancas Creek Bridge Replacement Project

2017-06-01 - Trancas Creek Bridge Replacement Project (PDF)
(Mitigated Negative Declaration/Finding of No Significant Impact and Section 4(f) Evaluation)

Improving the Trancas Creek Bridge

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 7 proposes to replace the *scour- critical Trancas Creek Bridge on Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) in the City of Malibu. The replacement is proposed due to the age of the bridge and its vulnerability to scouring during a 10- year storm. Three alternatives are being considered:
  • 1.  No Build Alternative- No changes to the existing bridge.
  • 2.  Bridge Replacement: Short- The new bridge would be 6’ wider (90’) and 20’ longer (120’) than the existing bridge.
  • 3.  Bridge Replacement: Long- The new bridge would be 6’ wider (90’) and 140’ longer (240’) than the existing bridge.
Caltrans is initiating studies for this project. A joint Initial Study/Environmental Assessment is being prepared pursuant to CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). Caltrans is the lead agency under CEQA and NEPA for this project.
Project Location
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Environmental Document

Trancas Creek Bridge Replacement Project Draft ISEA (April 2017)

Stay Connected and Informed

Throughout the project, Caltrans will be gathering public input to better understand your issues and concerns. Public outreach will be conducted with the purpose of providing project updates, educating the community and soliciting feedback. Community input is a critical part of this project and your input is encouraged. The current commenting period is from January 27th 2016 to February 27th 2016. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mr. Karl Price at (213) 897-1839. TTY users may call (213) 897-4937.

*Scour - Erosion of streambed or bank material due to flowing water.

Quick Facts:

  • •  The Trancas Creek Bridge was built in 1927, making it 89 years old.
  • •  The bridge was widened in 1938.
  • •  The bridge has a history of scour related issues including a wash out of the east abutment in 1967.
  • •  The bridge carries an average of 22,100 vehicles per day of which 3% are trucks.
  • •  Bike lanes are planned to be incorporated into the new bridge.
Trancas Creek Bridge Replacement Scoping Summary Report (PDF)
Fact Sheet (PDF)
View Bridge Damage Photos (PDF)

Public Meeting Information

Scoping Presentation (PDF)

Project Resources

List Of Definitions
Bank Protection: Engineering works for the purpose of protecting streambanks from erosion.
Erosion: Displacement of soil particles due to water or wind action.
Thalweg: The line extending down a channel that follows the lowest elevation of the bed.


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