District 4 - Park and Ride

This website contains information for Caltrans District 4 – Bay Area park & ride lots owned and operated by the State of California. For additional park & ride lots operated by other agencies, visit the website link: 511 Rideshare.


  • District 4 Park & Ride lot facility map - A Bay Area map with plotted Caltrans Park & Ride Locations.

  • List of Dist.4 - Caltrans Park & Ride lots with links PDF - A printable list of Park & Ride lots.


    Park & Ride lots are for commuter parking and are not available for residential, commercial, long-term parking, or for recreational use. Commuter parking at the Caltrans operated park & ride lots is free of charge, no permits are required.

    Please note, unless otherwise posted, vehicles parked outside of designated spaces or left in excess of 72 hours may be ticketed and towed at owner's expense, Calif. Vehicle Code Section 22651(k).
    No loitering, camping, vending, or parking of vehicles 30 feet or longer is permitted at P&R lots; Calif. Vehicle Code 22518.

    Additional restrictions do not allow parking in excess of 24 hrs. at Manzanita P&R lot in Marin City and no parking between 2-5 a.m. at Page Mill Road P&R lot in Los Altos.

    Security - While local police and CHP enforce guidelines at Park & Ride lots, there is no full-time security at these facilities. Park & Ride patrons are encouraged to lock cars, not leave valuables in sight and report suspicious activity at transit facilities or on buses to the police or to bus drivers.

    Bicycle Lockers - Several locations offer bike racks and bike lockers for the convenience of our cycling commuters. If you are interested in assignment to bike lockers at Park & Ride facilities, view the List of Dist.4 -Caltrans Park & Ride lots with links PDF - for bike storage locations and call 1-800-834-3032 for current locker availability. Instructions for assignment can be found at the following website link: Bike Locker Agreement Form.

    Our mailing address:

    California Department of Transportation-District 4
    Traffic Systems, MS 5-H
    Park and Ride Program
    P.O. Box 23660
    Oakland, CA 94623-0660

    Phone # 1-800-834-3032

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